Doug Smith wins the 2021 ‘Worcesterset’ Leveller 3 day festival

This years Somerset Leveller 3 day festival became ‘Worcesterset’ again this year. As it did last year due to Covid. We were unable to travel down to Somerset because the digs where we normally stay are now closed. So three local venues were booked for this years festival as we did last year.

We were able to book Ghost pool at Woodland View, Badger pool at Solhampton and the Laurel pool at Cob House for the final day.

12 anglers booked in for the festival but unfortunately for Stu he’d done his back in just before the weekend and was unable to fish the three days. So with 11 anglers fishing we had three 3 man sections and a 2 man section each day with the festival decided on points over the 3 days. 1 point for a section win, 2 points for 2nd and 3 points for 3rd in section. We had a daily winners pool but also 3 wooden spoons for the lowest weights each day. Plus the dreaded overall wooden spoon for the last placed angler over the 3 days.

Day 1, Ghost Pool, Woodland View

Woodland Views Ghost pool saw 3 anglers record tonne plus weights. This was topped by the daily winner Kevin Parry with an excellent 192lb 10oz. Second on the day was Doug Smith with 135lb 14oz giving both anglers one point section wins. Rob Butcher’s 130lb 0oz was only good enough for 2nd in section though as he was pegged in Kevin’s section. Andy Mitchell and Pete Dutton picked up the other two section wins. Wooden Spoon winner was Mick Taylor

Day 2, Badger pool, Solhampton

The 2nd days match on the Badger pool was disappointing. A few fish were caught early but then as the day progressed the pool switched off with everyone struggling to put a good run of fish together. The daily winner was Doug Smith with 72lb giving him another section win for the festival but Kevin Parry was equal to this also recording his 2nd section win, giving them both 2 points and top of the standings after two matches. The others section winners were Rob Butcher and Robin Ballard. This put them on 3 points each for the festival joined by Andy Mitchell who’s 2nd place today also gave him a total of 3 points going into the last day. So all to play for. Day two wooden Spoon winner was Pete Dutton.

Day 3, The Laurel Pool, Cob House

The last day saw festival leaders Doug and Kevin drawn in different 3 men sections and with anglers on 3 points also in their sections it could all change on this last day for the overall festival winner. Andy Mitchell won the match with a fantastic 175lb for the all important section win, giving him a total of 4 points. Doug or Kevin needed to win their sections again to beat Andy. But the draw gods had put Kevin on the wrong end of the pool where all the lower weights of the day had been recorded and Kevin’s great start to the festival withered away, finishing 3rd in his section. But it was Doug Smiths year! He recorded another tonne plus weight of 138lb to claim outright victory for the festival with a perfect score of three section wins to finish on 3 points. Well done Doug. The daily Wooden Spoon was Pete Dutton .

The final Result

This was another great festival organised as always by Mark Birbeck. We all enjoyed the fine weather, the fishing and as always the banter!! Oh and the dreaded Overall Wooden Spoon winner, well that was some chap that still caught over 160lb of fish on the final day. So he can’t be that bad an angler, even though his clicking could be better!!!

Phil Seedhouse wins Hillviews Sunday Open with 141lb 0oz

This has been a good week for the Jubilee Nomads. Firstly well done to Stu, Doug, Rob and Mark for winning the Whitehall 1212 Teams of 4 match at the Jam Factory on Saturday. See the full report HERE

Phil decided on a trip to Hillview for the Sunday Open while Rob, Doug and Andy fished the open at Woodland View. Phil added to the Jubilee Nomad success this weekend by winning the match at Hillview with an impressive 141lb. See the full report HERE

However that wasn’t the highest Nomad weight of the weekend, Doug won his section at Woodland View with 143lb after coming 2nd in the mid week at Cobb House with 196lb and a win at the Jam Factory with 118lb.

A great week for the Jubilee Nomads. All catching plenty of fish just before our own festival over 3 local venues at the end of the month.

Jubilee Nomads win the 2021 Teams of 4 Whitehall 1212 match at the Jam Factory

Saturday saw The Jubilee Nomads enter a team of four at the Jam Factory for the Whitehall 1212 organised match. A total of 15 strong teams entered this years match where each team has an angler on each pool fishing for overall team points to decide the winner. With 15 point for a pool win on offer and then 14 to 2nd and 13 for 3rd and so on.

Stu, Mark, Doug and Rob were our anglers having fished the venue recently with good results. So although there were 15 strong local teams fishing, hopes were high of doing well. They all fished well catching plenty of fish and finishing high on each of their pools and recording double figure section points. Rob and Doug weighed in 74lb each Stu had 56lb and Mark 39lb. This gave the Jubilee Nomad team a total of 46 points and 1st place in the match. 5 points ahead of Portobello A in 2nd place with 41 points and Sensas Evesham Green in 3rd.

Well done Stu, Rob, Doug and Mark an excellent result.

Andy Mitchell puts together another big weight to frame at Woodland View’s Sunday Open

Fresh from his Nomad victory at Tirley Court last week with a double tonne Andy continues his good form at Woodland View where he is now regularly in the frame. This week the open had 22 anglers split over Front Deans and Hay pools.

Andy drew on Front Deans 4 this week weighing another big weight of margin monsters mainly in the last two hours. A tactic that has served him well in recent matches at the venue, placing 164lb on the scales to take 3rd overall.

Just two other Nomads joined Andy this week. Doug also drawing on Front Deans, catching 93lb while Phil saw Hay pool home for the day weighing 63lb.

Sunday Result 25/7/21 Front Deans and Hay pool.

22 anglers fished
1st Ash Ski woodlands. D10 201lb 0oz
2nd K Slade. Peg one. H10. 180lb 0oz
3rd A Mitchell Jubilee Nomads. D4 164lb 0oz

Andy Mitchell wins at Tirley Court with 212lb

This week us Jubilee Nomads fished our own match with a few invited guests on the awesome Pete’s pool at Tirley Court.

We always look forward to fishing the two matches we are able to book on this venue each year as the fishing is always prolific here and actually booking a match here is difficult. Unfortunately Stu had to miss the match as he was having to self isolate due to covid but all the other Jubilee Nomads fished plus a few invited guests.

Tirley Court is a big weigh venue and has a 50lb keepnet limit. So plenty of keepnets are required and the owner insists on a weigh-in halfway through the match. Given that we were all fishing on the hottest day of the year with temperature’s in the 30’s it was most important that we did the double weigh-in so the fish weren’t in the keep nets to long.

Brollys were a must today and as Pete’s pool has very shallow pegs most of us donned shorts, fishing with bare feet and placed our seat boxes in the water. This was most welcome on this hot day and having water lapping around your feet all day kept us cool. But plenty of drinking water was needed.

The first half of the match was patchy and Phil set the early pace weighing in 94lb for the first couple of hours from half way along the grass bank area. Next weigh two pegs down was Andy who placed 56lb on the scales. But this meant only 50lb was recorded.

The second half of the match started and the fishing became better for most as the day processed. However it was for difficult for some to feed off the small Rudd. Andy began to catch Phil up now and also Rob in between Phil and Andy who was now catching well.

Come the end of the match, Tirley returned some excellent weighs as it normally does. Andy claimed top spot, winning the match with 212lb 4oz dispite earlier going over the 50lb keep net limit on his first weigh. Phil continued to add to his first weigh of 94lb and finished the match with 184lb 8oz to claim 2nd place.

Section Winners were Rob with 134lb which was also 3rd overall and the other section was secured by Robin on the ‘Stones’ section with 132lb.

Generally all anglers dispite the hot weather all caught fish and had a good day. 7 tonne plus weighs were recorded from the 12 anglers fishing. Tirley Court really is a awesome bagging venue and one we look forward to every year.

Andy Mitchell wins Back Deans at Woodland View Sunday Open

Just three of us Jubilee Nomads fished the open at Woodland View this week. Andy, Phil and Doug. Despite recent good attendances lately numbers were down this week but there were still some good anglers present. So the match was held on Back Deans and High pools.

Phil and Doug drew on the High pool while Andy found Back Dean’s 63 home for the day. Andy continued his recent good form at the venue and went on to win Back Deans with 93lb despite arriving late and not having much time set up. But he still had time to edge out Guru’s Mark Taylor by 8oz. Phil also lost out by 8oz on High pool weighing in 51lb to see the section being won with 51lb 8oz. Doug decided to throw back knowing anglers in his section had more than his 60 odd pound.


Back Deans and High pools
1st C hill Mosella. H31. 132-8
2nd A penn. H11. 113-8
3rd Andy Mitchell Jubilee Noamds. D63 93-8
4th M Taylor. Guru. D35. 93-0

Phil Seedhouse 2nd overall at Woodland View Sunday Open

The recent good Jubilee Nomad form at Woodland View continues. After Andy’s 2nd place finish last Sunday, it was Phil’s turn to frame this Sunday.

This Sundays open was held over Front and Back Deans with just Phil, Andy and Doug in attendance for the Nomads. Stu and Rob had decided to travel to Hillview for their open while Robin and Mark were off doing other things.

With the recent good weather the fish had just finished spawning at Woodland View and the fish weren’t in the mood for feeding and the weights were generally poor from the venue.

Phil, Andy and Doug all drew on Front Deans this week and the fishing was tough for all. Phil took the Nomad super pool by coming 2nd overall in the match with 67lb, just 2lb short of the winner who had 69lb. Doug had 50lb and Andy 48lb.

Over at Hillview Rob had a good days fishing the 4th canal to post another tonne plus weight of 121lb but no cigar this week.

Doug Smith wins his section at Woodland View Sunday Open

This Sundays Open match saw another excellent turnout of 45 anglers spread over Front Deans, Hay, High and Arles pools, with many using the match as a practise for the Golden Reel qualifier next Saturday.

Five of us Jubilee Nomads were in attendance dispite the weather forecast which saw blustery conditions with heavy rain forecast for later in the day. It felt like we were back to winter fishing! The good news was you could now sit in the cafe before the draw after more of the Covid restrictions being lifted but as normal the draw was done my Adi outside.

Doug, Rob and Phil drew on Front Deans while Andy and Robin found Arles pool home for the day. Doug was the star Nomad this week winning his section from Front Deans and also taking the Nomad super pool from his end peg 2 with 97lb closely followed up by Rob on the next peg who had 92lb, hoping for another pick up after the previous days section win!

Phil, further down the section through back 40lb wanting to get back home before the rain and for the final days football fixtures on the TV while over on Arles pool Andy and Robin caught a few but were really never in the race drawing Arles, with only a section win really up for grabs.

On the plus side, given the forecast for heavy rain later in the day, we escaped the worse of the weather and all our kit was back in the cars before the heavens opened and Woodland View continues to fish well.

Sunday open hay Arles f/deans high 45 fished
1st Ash price. Woodlands. D29. 150-8
2nd Ash ski. Peg one. Hay8. 137-4
3rd J Powell. Peg one. Hay 17. 131-12
4th S Campbell. Stourport. High26. 116-6
5th C Cameron. Midi. High34. 109-
6th K sheldon. Dudley. D27. 103-8

Rob Butcher wins the Woodland View Saturday Open, as the Nomads frame on both days this weekend

This weekend saw brown envelopes for Rob, Robin and Doug at Woodland View.

Saturday saw the Open on High pool where Rob and Robin framed in the top three. Rob winning the match from peg 22 with 93lb 6oz and Robin coming 3rd from peg 4 down the other end of the pool with 70lb 8oz.

Sunday saw the other Nomads join them for the open match on Front/Back Deans and Hay pools. This time Doug was the star Nomad taking the Nomad Superpool winning his section from peg 32 on Front Deans with another tonne+ weight of 111lb 0oz. Stu had 72lb from Hay, caught 60lb from Front Deans while Rob, Andy and Robin struggled on Back Deans but still caught 40-50lb each. So still a good day.

Saturday 15/5 high pool
Rob butcher. Jubilee Nomads. H22. 93-4
Rob Camden colmic select. H34. 78-8
Robin Ballard. Jubilee Nomads. H4. 70-8
Ash ski. Peg one. H16. 66-12

Sunday open 16/5 35
S Tibbits. Peg one. Hay 8. 142-4
Kev Slade. Peg one. D8. 137-8
Jim Pendrey. Peg one. Hay11. 128-12
G Clark. Colmic select. H20. 119-6
Doug smith. Jubilee Nomads. D32. 111-
H summer woodlands. D4. 106-4
B Whitley matrix. D30. 104-
D eke. Woodlands. Hay 17. 101-8
S Harris matrix. D1. 100-2
G pickton. Garbolino. D63. 100-2

Andy Mitchell continues to pick up at Woodland View

Andy’s the star Jubilee Nomad at the moment and has really got Woodland View sorted recently, picking up most weeks lately.

Sunday’s Open match at Woodland View saw Andy joined by Phil, Robin and Stu this week while Rob, Mark and Doug were fishing the 5 day Spring Festival at Solhampton. The Open at Woodland View saw an excellent turn out of 39 anglers fishing. So the match was held over Back Deans, High and Ghost pool. Andy and Phil on Back Deans, Robin on Ghost and Stu on High pool.

They all caught well as did most anglers fishing but Andy flew the Nomad flag again catching well in the margins after a slow start for all. This time Andy won his section on Back Deans with another tonne plus weight, 126lb for 4th in the match and only losing the pool win by 4oz. Phil was also a little unlucky just missing the other section win on Back Deans needing one more fish but weighted in 75lb 8ox for 2nd on the bank.

Robin drew on Ghost were he produced another big weight of 98lb despite losing several big fish which would have given him a framing place and Stu still had a 50lb+ weight on High pool. So overall a good days fishing for the Jubilee Nomads.

Woodland View Sunday open, High Ghost and Back deans – 39 anglers fished.

1st S Roberts. Telford. H24. 155-122

2nd B Brett Whitley matrix. H28. 141-12

3rd H summers woodlands. D35. 126-4

4th A Mitchell. Jubilee Nomads. D40. 126-

5th M Sidwell woodlands. G6. 121-12

6th J Powell. Peg one. H17. 121-

7th R Willson. Peg one. G7. 113-12

8th T Whitcher. Peg one. G9. 112-12

9th S Tibbits. Woodlands. H15. 112-6

Over at Solhampton, Doug Rob and Mark fished the festival all week in some pretty unseasonal weather conditions which made the fishing tough. With all the Nomads catching plenty of fish during the 5 days but all finished out of the money this time.

Solhampton Fishery May Festival Results1st Simon Dicken 535.00 lb 2. Carl Jones 526.06lb 3. Chris Hill 484.00lb 4. Sam Parker 469.07lb

Andy Mitchell wins Woodland Views big money Open

Saturday saw Andy, Robin, Doug and Rob book into the the Big money Open at Woodland View, Fished over Front and Back Deans.

Andy continued his recent excellent form at the venue after finishing 3rd the previous week with 122lb off Hay pool by topping that with 151lb 9oz off Front Deans peg 2 to win the match outright this time, picking up a very nice large and heavy brown envelope.

Andy then completed a hat-trick of pick ups from his last 3 matches at the venue by drawing on High pool for the Sunday Open. This time wining his section with 39lb on a day when the fish didn’t want to feed. But Andy didn’t pick up the Nomad Superpool this time. That honour fell to Doug on Front Deans who caught well catching 85lb 2oz and claimed 4th place and a section win.

Saturday Big Payout Open Match

Fished both Deans

1st Andy Mitchell D2 151.8lbs

2.Paul Ellis D27 121lbs

3.Jim Pendry D11 110lbs

4.Jason Powell D35 108lbs

5.Mat Walker D24 101.6lbs

Sunday Open Match

Front Deans & High

1 Rob Wilson D8 154lbs

2.Andy Pollard H30 120.8lbs

3.K Sheldon D29 119.

4lbs4.Doug Smith D5 85.2lbs

5.Jim Pendry D21 76.12lbs

Rob Butcher main frames at Woodland View Sunday Open

This week 6 Jubilee Nomads fished the Sunday Open at Woodland View. A good turnout saw 30 anglers spread out across Front and Back Deans this week. Weather wise it melt like back to winter fishing with snow and hail showers blowing in all day with a cold easterly wind in between sunny spells. But we all caught fish. Some more than others.

Rob and Robin drew Back Deans while Phil, Stu and Doug found them selves pegged together on the low numbers on Front Deans opposite Andy also on Front Deans. Rob was this weeks star Nomad, taking the Nomad Super pool and also main framing in the match catching some large Carp from peg 38 to finish 3rd overall in the match with 81lb 8oz. Well done Rob.

Andy did well catching a 50lb plus weight again. while Robin chipped in with 34lb. Over on the lower numbers on Front Deans Doug was top Nomad weight between himself, Stu and Phil, all pegged together, weighing in 30lb to Stu’s 15lb and Phil’s 24lb.
Woodland View Sunday Open Result 11th April

1st Mark Taylor. Guru. D21. 97-1

2nd Kevin Slade. Peg one. D25. 85-8

3rd Rob Butcher. Jubilee Nomads. D38. 81-8

4th T Whitcher. Peg one. D63. 73-4

Jubilee Nomads get back to match fishing winning ways!!

Thankfully we Jubilee Nomads got back to match fishing over the long Easter weekend now that organised sport is allowed. With most of us fishing a couple of days. Phil, Andy, Robin, Stu and Doug fished the Saturday Open at Woodland view on Front and Back Deans where they all caught fish.

Robin was took the Nomad pound coins winning his section from Front Deans with 97lb 12oz. Doug just missed out on his section on Back Deans but caught well, weighing in 84lb while Andy and Phil had around 60lb each with Phil also just missing a section win.

Sunday saw Rob join Andy, Stu and Doug at Solhampton fishing Buzzard and Jackdaw pools. Andy was the starman here winning the Buzzard pool with 99lb 14oz pushing Doug into 2nd place with 91lb 4oz. Giving us a Nomad top Two. While Stu finished in 4th with 73lb. Over on the Jackdaw pool Rob was 4th with 72lb. It’s just great that we are all back match fishing, after such a long wait!!

One word sums up 2020, Coronavirus!

Despite 2 lockdowns during the year and currently in our 3rd one now, we were still able to spend time on the bank fishing matches. Early in the year before the first lockdown we fished matches at Hawford Bridge, The Jam Factory, Hillview, Moorlands Farm and Manor Farm Leisure. We were all pretty successful with Phil, Andy and Mark winning matches with the other Nomads picking up several sections wins from these venues before the March Lockdown. 

Finally after several weeks pleasure fishing was allowed and matches began again with social distancing soon after that. But this was to late to save our annual 3 day Spring festival down in Somerset. But we were just happy to be able to fishing again.   

After this enforced break we began to visit Solhampton regularly, fishing their open matches. Rob dominated here winning several matches topped with a 233lb haul from the Valley pool. Solhampton fished extremely well after the lockdown with 100lb+ weights recorded by all Nomads. 

As the summer progressed we enjoyed two trips to the prolific Pete’s pool at Tirley Court. We arrange these matches ourselves as its not a commercial but a big weight venue we all enjoy. We invited a few guests to help us with the cost of booking the pool and we had two great matches there. Star performer was Rob again. His draw arm pulled at the same peg he had the previous year when he set the Nomad match record of 440lb. He won the match again with 308lb. Andy fished very well here on the second match, winning it and also setting a new PB of 288lb.

Robin Ballard, 2020 Worcesterset Champion
Robin Ballard, 2020 Worcesterset Champion

As the summer began to end we looked forward to our 3 day autumn festival down in Somerset as we couldn’t travel down to Somerset in the Spring. However we all had reversions about going. We still had the Covid restrictions to deal with and our accommodation wasn’t looking good as the bar was closed and we felt it was best to cancel the trip. A big part of this festival is the banter between us in the evenings and with no bar this just wasn’t going to be as good as previous years. We still wanted to fish and the time was still booked off work for us so Mark was given the task of arranging ‘Worcesterset’ a short notice 3 day local festival for us. He did well arranging matches at the Jam Factory on the Friday, Cob Hose on the Saturday and finishing with Hawford Bridge on the Sunday. Andy won the first day on the Ash pool at the Jammer with 125lb to set the pace but Robin fished brilliantly winning at Cob house on the Laurel pool the next day with 183lb. Robin just needed a section win on the last day at Hawford Bridge. The Bridge pool fished a lot harder for all that day but Robins 39lb not only took the important section win, he won this match as well. Crowning him 2020 Worcesterset Champion.  

Then for the remainder of the year we carried on fishing local Opens. Rob continued to dominate at Solhampton backed up with section wins from all Nomads. Andy won an open at Hillview and Phil and Andy picked up with 2nd’s at Woodland View. As we went into December Lockdown came again. We had intended to fish the Solhampton winter league. This was rearranged once we were back fishing matches and two rounds took place. Mark did really well here winning his pool on the first round and then picking up a section win on the 2nd round. This saw him topping the standings in the league at the turn of the year. As we go to January now on the 3rd lockdown who knows if the league will be finished off. We ended the year fishing a couple of fur and feather matches at Hillview and Woodland View. Phil picked up a section and ate well over Christmas! 

So that was our Nomad year. Another great year dispite all the social distancing and Covid regulations disrupting our fishing for a large part of the year. Lets hope 2021 will be a better year for all. 

Robin Ballard 2nd at Woodland View Sunday Open

Our first match of the New year saw four of us fishing the Sunday Open at Woodland View. Worcestershire is currently a Tier 3 area so we were able to match fish but who knows how long this will be able to continue.

The match was on Front and Back Deans on a bitterly cold winters day with overnight snow surrounding the venue. We all drew on Front Deans this week. Phil and Rob on the low numbers on the first bank while Robin and Andy were pegged on the opposite bank. Stu, Mark and Doug had more sense and stayed at home in the warm in what proved to be a extremely difficult match. The aerators had been on all night, so no ice breaking was needed but the fishing was hard for most with several dry nets and anglers packing up early. Everybody was in winter fishing mode with many starting the match on bomb and Bread and this week it was Robins time to shine from peg 25. He caught several carp on the bread before changing to corn later in the match. He won the pool easily, taking the Nomad Super pool and also ended the match in overall 2nd place with 75lb. Rob did well catching a few fish, weighing in five carp for 28lb, being the only angler to weigh in on his bank. But Andy and Phil struggled, as did most anglers today, it was a really hard days fishing.

Mark Birbeck top of Solhampton winter League after pool win

This Christmas week saw a few of us Jubilee Nomads in action. Rob, Robin and Mark continued with the 2nd round of the Solhampton individual winter league on Sunday 27th and it was Mark that put in the star Nomad performance again after winning his section on the first round. This time Mark, drawn on Duck won his pool picking up his 2nd section win of the league, catching 51lb while Robin and Rob struggled for bites on the Valley and Badger pools. So after two rounds Mark tops the League standings. Well done Mark. Andy and Stu travelled over to Woodland View for the Open on Ghost and High pools. Andy had a good day catching 44lb while Stu struggled on High but neither picked up this week.

Phil Seedhouse wins his section at Woodland View’s Fur & Feather

This week we Jubilee Nomads fished two Christmas matches with Fur and Feather’s at Woodland View and Hillview.

Saturday saw Phil, Robin, Rob and Andy travel over to Woodland View for one of their fur and feather matches. A good turn out of 30 anglers were spread over Front and Back Deans this time and all anglers returned home with a Christmas box of goodies after a complimentary bowl of soup and Bread before the prizes were handed out.Phil and Andy drew on Front Deans where Phil won his section with 27lb while Andy who had a bigger weight, 51lb took the Nomad pound coins finishing 2nd in his section. Robin and Rob were pegged together on Back Deans where it fished harder and they struggled but still caught a few fish.

Section winner goodie bag, Many thanks Woodland View
Section winner goodie bag, Many thanks Woodland View

Then on Sunday Stu joined us as we fished Hillview’s Fur and Feather match. This match saw over 50 anglers fishing on all pools on the complex. All anglers returned home of goodie bags of fishing tackle. At Hillview they have a draw after the match where some tackle vouchers are up for grabs. The peg number you draw for the match also goes into a draw for the prizes. There was a 1st prize of a £200.00 fishing voucher and several £100, £50 and £20 vouchers to be won. This is a great idea and gives even the not so good anglers a fair chance of winning a prize and probably why they have such a great turn out for this match. Unfortunately none of us Jubilee Nomads won anything!!Top Nomad on the day was Robin and from canal 1 with 62lb who just missed a section win. Phil also caught well from canal 2 weighing in 46lb and also just missed a section win. Andy, Rob and Stu all caught but didn’t have good draws. In fact Stu’s 13lb was only a couple of lb off a section win on his pool!!

Woodland View Result1st Simon Nicholas senses. D21. 85-42nd Andy pollard. Dgl. D50. 80-123rd Andy Powell. Lobbies. D47. 79-04th Stuart Tibbits. Woodlands. D8. 73-8

Phil Seedhouse 2nd placed, Woodland View Sunday Open

his week we fished at two different venues. Phil, Andy and Doug fished the Open at Woodland View while Robin, Rob and Mark fished the first round of the Solhampton Individual winter league.

Phil was the star Nomad this week flying the Nomad flag, drawing on Front Deans 5 at Woodland View on a bitterly cold winters day. The fishing was tough for all but he had the advantage of plenty of room on an end peg this week and made it count, weighing in 9 Carp and a few Silvers for 39lb 0oz. This was enough to win the pool and also 2nd overall in the match. Andy and Doug drew on Back Deans but at the wrong end and struggled, but Andy put his head down on a poor peg and just missing a section win by a few ounces. Weighing in 19lb.

Over at Solhampton Robin, Rob and Mark fished the first round of the delayed individual winter league. Mark was the top Nomad there collecting the Nomad pound coins by finishing 2nd on his pool, Dragonfly with 47lb 8oz. This was enough for the all important section win. So a good start to the league for Mark. Robin and Rob also caught fish but struggled on the Kingfisher pool this time.

Andy Mitchell wins the Hillview Saturday Open

This weekend Jubilee Nomads were in action over both days on different venues on a cold winter weekend.

Saturday saw Andy and Robin travel down to Tewkesbury for the usual Saturday Open match at Hillview spread over the two main pools, Heron and Moorhen. Andy drew peg 39 on Heron and after a slow start on the maggot feeder he went long on the pole to find carp and F1’s feeding at 13 metres, where he caught well, placing 72lb on the scales to win the match. Robin also caught well finishing 2nd in his section with 32lb 8oz.

Sunday saw Phil, Mark and Robin at Solhampton for the Open on Valley and Jackdaw pools while Andy and Stu fished the Woodland View’s Open on Deans. Phil was top Nomad weight on Jackdaw at Solhampton finishing 4th on the pool with 45lb 8oz while Mark and Robin pegged on Valley caught 20lb+ weights.Over at Woodland View Andy and Stu drew on a tough section on a difficult day and struggled to catch. But well done Andy on the Saturday win flying the Nomad flag this weekend.

Doug Smith frames twice at Solhampton Opens this weekend

This weekend saw some of the Nomads fished both Opens at Solhampton. Saturday saw Doug, Robin and Rob in action on the Badger and Dragonfly pools. All caught well with Robin and Doug posting tonne plus weights off the Badger pool. Doug’s 124lb was enough to finish 2nd while Robin wasn’t far away. Over on the Dragonfly Rob framed as usual finishing 3rd with 54lb

Saturday ResultDragonfly pool 1st Mark Hingley 95-08 2nd Stu Campbell 66-04 3rd Rob Butcher 54-00Badger pool 1st Dave Johnson 129-14 2nd Doug Smith 124-12 3rd Carl Jones 120-02Sunday saw Phil join Doug, Robin and Rob. Doug drew well again having the Badger pool home for the day again, finishing 3rd this time with 93lb giving him a double pick up weekend plus the Nomad super pool. Rob caught 55lb while Phil finished 5th on the Jackdaw pool with 45lb

Sunday ResultBadger pool 1st Chris Hill 123-12 2nd. Karl Stephens 107-08 3rd. Doug Smith 93-08Valley pool 1st. Rich Green 81-10 2nd. Ken Turner 73-10 3rd. Mike Groves 68-13Jackdaw pool 1st. Jamie Hughes 95-14 2nd. Simon Dicken 95-06 3rd. Stu Campbell 71-00