Andy Mitchell puts together another big weight to frame at Woodland View’s Sunday Open

Fresh from his Nomad victory at Tirley Court last week with a double tonne Andy continues his good form at Woodland View where he is now regularly in the frame. This week the open had 22 anglers split over Front Deans and Hay pools.

Andy drew on Front Deans 4 this week weighing another big weight of margin monsters mainly in the last two hours. A tactic that has served him well in recent matches at the venue, placing 164lb on the scales to take 3rd overall.

Just two other Nomads joined Andy this week. Doug also drawing on Front Deans, catching 93lb while Phil saw Hay pool home for the day weighing 63lb.

Sunday Result 25/7/21 Front Deans and Hay pool.

22 anglers fished
1st Ash Ski woodlands. D10 201lb 0oz
2nd K Slade. Peg one. H10. 180lb 0oz
3rd A Mitchell Jubilee Nomads. D4 164lb 0oz

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