Section win, Grant Davis Memorial Cup match

This was the 15th fishing of this special charity match, A match that I won back in 2010 and I was keen to get my name back on the Cup. But it was only to be section win this year   

The draw for this match is different. Once your name is drawn from the cup you then have to pick the peg you wish to fish from. My name came out about halfway through and the current flyers had already been picked. I plumbed for peg 8. This is an OK peg that can produce so I was fairly happy. 

The Jubilee pool is a club water, it isn’t stocked like a commercial but it does contain some large carp and you don’t need many fish to frame. But with nearly every peg in, it was going to be a hard match. 

I decided to fished hard 8mm pellet on the pole straight out in front of me, 8mm meat into the left margin by some lilly pads and corn to the right under an over hanging tree. I fed this lines and started on the method feeder while these line settled down and hopefully drew in a few fish. The method feeder didn’t produce so I went onto the pellet line early where I’d been pinging in 6mm’s. It’s was also slow but after an hour I began to get a few bites. Knowing I wouldn’t need many fish I preserved here and I soon caught a couple of Carp. I’d been on this pole line for over two hours now and with this pool being very shallow, at least 2 foot deep I felt I needed to stop hovering the pole over the fishes heads. I began to look into the left and right margins but no bites came after 20 minutes. So I returned to the rested pellet line and caught a carp straight away and a couple of big Skimmers around 2lb a piece. So resting this line worked. I then began to rotate my 3 poles lines. The pellet line produced another 3 Carp in this time. 

It was going into the final hour now and I couldn’t get a bite. So I opened up a new short meat line, cad potting in 8mm cubes of meat every 10 minutes. After half an hour I went over the meat line and caught another Carp and another good Skimmer before the end of the match. This gave me 7 carp and 3 Skimmers at the weigh in. Unfortunately only one of the carp was a lump so I already knew my name wasn’t going onto the cup this year. But there was always a chance of a section win. Luckily the match winner came from my section weighing in 62lb. He’d found the lumps!! and I won the section by default with 27lb 6oz.   

Pellet Rig – Nick Gilbert 0.2g XT Finesse Power pole float set up on 0.17mm Guru N-Gauge mainline with a small bulk of no.9 stotz’s with one no.10 dropper shot above a size 14 Guru SLWG banded Ready rig on a 14-18 Nick Gilbert Ambercore elastic.   

A Barbecue and raffle followed the match where anglers fishing, friends and the Davis family all donated to the charity fund, as normal for St Richards Hospice. Martha Davis was on hand to present her fathers Cup to the winner as she has done so for the previous 14 years of her life. This year saw a new name on the Charity Cup as Ray Nosworthy, won the match and was presented the cup by Martha. 

Ray weighed in 61lb 15oz from peg J7. 2nd placed was Steve Foster, last years winner with 54lb 12oz from J19 and James Gardner finished in 3rd with 54lb 3oz from J12. Sections winners were, Billy Pitman 49lb 12oz (J1) Phil Seedhouse 27lb 6oz (J8) Chris Taylor 42lb 5oz (J16) Paul Sloss 19lb 4oz (J24) and Robin Ballard 13lb 8oz (W15)

To this date, this Charity match has raised well over £10,000 for St Richards Hospice in Grant’s name.

Section win, Jubilee Fishery Saturday Open

I returned to the Jubilee Fishery Saturday Open for a bit of practise for the Grant Davis Memorial match in a few weeks time.   

The Jubilee Fishery is where I’d spent most of my fishing over the last 20 years. However I’ve not joined the club this year due to the poor fishing over the last couple of years, but in recent weeks some good weights have been had. A used this Saturday Open (open to non members) as practise for the up and coming Grant Davis Memorial match at the end of August. 

I drew peg 12, not really a good peg and I set my stall out to fish hard pellets at 13 metres to the point of the island. Sadly the margins were a little over grown and it was difficult to fish then. This was a pity as there are some big Carp in this pool and these can really bump up your weight. 

I pretty confident of catching carp just of the island but I knew from the start I’d need a lot of the small pellet carp these island pegs attract. So I fished a 6mm hard pellet and pinged in 6mm pellets over the top from the start of the match. It was just a case of waiting for the fish to feed. 

Two hours in and I was fish less! and then I began to get a few. I ended up catching 15 small pellet carp as I predicted which was enough to pick up the section, weighing in 40lb 5oz. 

Match and Series win

The match was really just a simple win. I drew a good peg Jubilee 25 from where I’d won from a few weeks previous. I caught on the pole at 16 metres that day but with a strong sideways wind today even fishing at 13 metres proved impossible and for most of the match I could only fish one line close in. 

I started the match on the Bomb with bread but I didn’t really fancy it as this hasn’t really worked recently. So after 20 minutes I threw the rod up the bank and I started on the pole at 13 metres staight out in front of me fishing double red maggot on the hook and loose feeding red maggots over the top. I caught a few Roach and a small Crucian carp in the next 30 minutes and things were looking good but then the wind began to get up and I could not hold my pole float still. 

So I had to start a new line close in. I had a bush to my left at 6 sections and I felt with the wind coming from my righthand side I would be able to fish infront of the bush and hold my pole float steady there. I felt I needed to draw some fish in and kindered in a few micro pellets and began fishing double red maggot over the top. I caught another small Crucian Carp after 10 minutes so this give me the confidence to stay on this line longer and I began to catch some very small Roach. These fish were very small but at least I was catching. 

I changed to corn next because these small Roach weren’t going to win me anything and it looked like a few small Crucians were in the peg, so I kindered in a few more mirco’s and few grains of corn. The Roach bites stopped but no crucain bites came. I needed to change tactic’s. 

I decided to add another pole section on and began loose feeding red maggots a little heavier. I felt feeding a few maggots wasn’t the best way because the small roach seemed to be eating the maggots quickly and I wanted to get a carp in the swim. This heavier feeding worked and I caught a Carp after 20 minutes along with a few more small Roach and then another Crucain. 

So I decide to stay on this line for the rest of the match. I didn’t need to think about the Bomb rod or even the small method feeder I’d set up. Not much was being caught by the other anglers and at least I was putting fish in the net. I only needed a section win to win the winter warmer series and I could see I was winning the section so I decided just to stay on this “catch anything that swims line”. looking to catch small fish but with the chance of catching a bonus Carp. This proved the case and I went on to catch 3 carp, 3 Crucains and a dozen roach. Two of theses roach also were around the 8oz mark so I was happy just fishing to catch anything. 

I actually ended up winning the match with only 19lb 4oz. The pool didn’t really fish that well and the fishing was differcult with the strong blustery wind. So I could only fish the one line close in today. 

19 fished 

Rig – A winter Carp rig – 0.3g Nick Gilbert NG XT finesee Carbon HD pole float in 3.5 foot of water on 0.14mm Silstar matchteam mainline with strung out no.10 stotz’s above a 6 inch 0.12mm hook lenght to a size 18 B911 F1 hook. set up on a 10-12 hollo elastic with a puller bung. 

Match win, Evesham Jubilee, Fur and Feather

I drew on Jubilee pool peg 1 for this match and with plenty of open water and also after an overnight frost in the middle of December I thought fishing the bomb and bread would enable me to find a few fish somewhere in the peg.

So I started the match fishing the bomb with three 10mm bread discs on a 1.5 inch hair. The reason for the long hair is because bread swells up on the hair and also means you can use a bigger hook than normal for the time of the year. which was an B911 size 14 on a 50cm 0.16mm hook lenght. The diamater of line doesn’t matter as this is set up to catch carp. I throw this around the peg for the first 40 minutes looking for a carp while I was feeding three pole lines with maggots, looking for an early carp. I never had a bite on the bomb so I throw the rod up the bank and tried the pole.

I set up only two pole rigs. a winter carp rig at 13 metres straight out in front of me at 13 metres and a lighter rig if I struggled for bites. 

The plan was to catch anything but I also knew that there are some bigger carp in this pool and with it only being a four hour matcn I thought that if I could catch at least a couple it would put me well up the section. 

I began fishing where I’d been catapulting 10 maggots in every 10 minutes fishing a strung out rig with double red maggot hook bait. Bites were slow so I began spreading out the feed maggots over a larger area, hoping to draw in a carp. After 10 minutes doing this the float buried and five minutes later I landed a 10lb carp! This was a great bonus and I carried on doing the same, spreading out the feed maggots hoping to draw in another carp, but nothing happened. So I decided I would rest the swim because it was a bright sunny day and the depth of water was shallow. I thought maybe the fish didn’t want a pole over their heads. I continued to feed maggots but tried the margins left and right. If I was to catch a fish it would be a bonus but I felt the 13 metre line needed a rest. 

I left the 13 metres line for 20 minutes and then tried it again and caught two more carp in 10 minutes! So maybe my thinking was right about the pole over the fishes heads was right. This was compounded by not having any other bites for 30 minutes after the last carp. So I rested the swim again and continued to feed maggots every 10 minutes and fished the margins for another 20 minutes. I did catch a small roach out of the margin but I really never fancied it and went back to the rested main 13 metre swim again. 

There was about an hour left in the match now and not much had been caught and I felt I was doing OK. I decided a change to single maggot on the hook and changed to the lighter rig hoping a catch a few silvers just to build my weight up. I caught a couple of good skimmers and three roach on this rig. Then the float buried again and had my fourth carp on. It was a foul hooker and I lost is after a couple of minutes. This told me a few carp may be back in the swim and I changed back to the heavier rig with the bigger hook and gambled by upping the feed maggots and spreading them out as I fed. I was glad I did becasue 10 minutes later I caught my fourth a last carp!! 

My total weight was 24lb 7oz. Which was 4 carp 2 skimmers and 3 roach which was enough to win the match where many of the other anglers fishing the match had struggled, which was probably because of the overnight frost, and the bright sunny conditions. So another good win where a bit of careful thinking was required to get the best from the peg. 

34 fished.

Rigs – 

Winter carp rig 0.3g Nick Gilbert NG XT Carbon finesse HD pole float. 0.14mm Silstar mainline to a 6 inch 0.12mm hook length to a size 18 B911 F1 hook with strung out no.11 stotz’s set up on a hollo Kamasan 10-12 elastic.

The light rig was the same but an 0.2g float with 0.12mm main line to 0.10mm hook length for a slower fall of the rig and a size 20 B911 F1 hook set up on white hydro.

Open match win, Jubilee Fishery

Being off work this week on holiday I was able to fish the Jubilee fishery Wednesday affordable open, this week held on the Withes pool. These matches generally attract 15-20 anglers each week and today saw 15 fishing. They have a bonus peg each week which is capped at £50.00 and then another one is started. Today there were 4 bonus pegs in as no one had won one for a while. I was lucky enough to draw Withies 3 which was one of the four bonus pegs.

Withies 3 is a good peg but hasn’t thrown up a good weight for a while but I was confident with the form I’m in at the moment on this pool. With not much colour in the water I decided to cut the feed down and plumbed up 4 swims. One over to the island at 13 metres fishing the top of the shelf in 12 inches of water. A mid track swim at 9 sections at about 11 o’clock to my left in 2 foot of water. The right margin and a semi margin to the left about 1.5 metres out from the bank at 6 sections in 2 foot of water. A bomb rod was also set up if I needed to cast around looking for fish. 

I began on the far island swim and kindered in a few micro’s, alternating between corn and expander pellet on the hook but after 45 biteless minutes it was time to change tactics. I decided to try the mid track swim and kindered in some 6mm cubes of meat with meat on the hook and this was more successful, hooking two Carp in 20 minutes, however I lost both of these at the net and I thought I was going to have one of those matches. The two bites did give me the confidence to stay on this line but I began loose feeding the right margin with corn as a backup swim and also kindered a few 6mm cubes of meat into the left semi margin with the intention of leaving it for a while. I carried on with the mid track swim and caught a couple more carp but it was still a bit slow.

After another hour in the mid track swim with no other fish it was time to change again I tried the left semi margin again kindering in another pot of 6mm cubes of meat. I caught two more carp straight away and fed again and then had another carp. Then the bites stopped, I thought the carp were coming in for the loose feed and then swimming out of the peg So I decided to up the anti and cupped in half a pot of 4mm pellets and meat, but 8mm cubes this time. I then rested the swim for 10 minutes while I tried the right margin where I’d feed corn. I thought with it being a bright day and it only being 2 foot deep maybe the carp didn’t want a pole over their heads.

After a biteless 10 minutes on the right margin and I went back over the left semi margin which I had rested and I caught a carp straight away. The carp had responded to the feed, so changing to 8mm meat had worked. I began kindering in 8mm cubes of meat every 10 minutes and caught a few carp doing this and had a good hour. I was getting bites only when I fed!

It was getting near to the end of the match and bites were slowing down and I was concerned I was feeding too much for a cold October day in water that wasn’t as coloured to the previous week. So I cut the feed down and began to feed just 6mm meat and 4mm pellets, but keeping an 8mm cube of meat on the hook. This helped and the bites began again and I landed several more carp doing this.

In the last 10 minutes I felt I needed a couple more carp quickly so I stopped feeding and tried to catch a feeding carp by catching on the drop. I caught two more Carp doing this but as it proved at the weigh in I already had enough weight to win the match anyway, but I didn’t know this at the time. I weighed in 53lb 1oz which on a cold October day was pleasing, I think with careful feeding and changing the feeding throughout the match was the key to the win.

A key item of tackle was a 4m long landing net handle which enabled me to land hooked fish away from a snaggy margin.


Mid track rig – 0.2g Nick Gilbert XT Decker HD pole float on 0.18mm Silstar matchteam mainline, a small bulk of no.10 stotz’s above a 6 inch 0.16mm hook length to a size 16 B911 spade end hook set up on purple hydro.

Semi margin rig – 0.2g Nick Gilbert NG XT mini diamond pole float on 0.18mm Silstar matchteam main line, a small bulk no.10 stotz’s about a 6 inch 016mm hook length length with size 14 B911 spade end hook, set up on Red hydro.

Open match win. Jubilee Fishery

Feeling confident from setting a new record on this pool last Saturday and then drawing a flyer that won the Sunday club match the following day with 71lb, I decided to attack this peg from the start. The plan was to feed the left hand margin from the off and drop on it early.

So right at the all-in I cupped in a full pot of 8mm cubes of meat and left it for an hour. I started fishing in front of some lilly pads to my left at 11 metres kindering in 2mm mirco’s and corn with corn on the hook. I had a few carp and stockies in the first hour but the fish where not big enough to build a good weight. I switched to the other side of the lilly bed which was straight in front of me at 9 metres but this was only producing small skimmers.

After an hour I decided to try the left margin that I had fed at the start, I tried it for 15 minutes and never had a bite so I decided to go for broke on the margin and cupped in another full pot of meat in. The reason I decided this was because if it killed the margin I still had a good option of going straight out in front of me to the far bank at 14 metres between two lilly beds, where I felt confident of a few bigger carp. So in went the pot of meat and I continued fishing over the lillys but again all I could catch was small stockies, Skimmers and a couple more carp.

After another hour a tried the left margin again but had no bites for 10 minutes. I felt the fish would come though and thought maybe the fish were backing off the feed. I came away from the margin by about a metre and caught a good carp around 4lb straight away, so my thinking proved correct. I then began to loose feed the margin and fish away from it and I began to catch some better sized carp.

Over the next 3 hours I was catching some good sized carp doing this and I stayed on this line for the rest of the match, knowing that if the swim died I still had the option of fishing over to the far bank if required. To keep the fish coming I loose fed meat but alternated in the margin by sometimes fishing over the feed and sometimes away from it and I learnt the better bigger carp were just off the feed line.

So the secret to this sucess was that even though I was catching well I was still thinking what and where the feeding fish were. Most fish were in the 3 to 4 lb bracket and I had a couple of lumps around 7lb. I only lost three foul hookers all day so a great days fishing and the only person to date to do two 100lb+ weights in as many weeks on this pool…. Ever!!


Margin rig was a 0.2g Nick Gilbert NG XT mini Diamond pole float in 2 foot of water on 0.18mm Silstar match team mainline. A small bulk of no.10 stotz’s above a 6inch 0.16mm hook length to a size 14 spade end B911 hook baited with 8mm cubes of meat. Set up on red hydro.

Far rig 0.3g Nick Gilbert NG XT Decker pole float in 3 foot of water on 0.18mm Silstar matchteam mainline, a bulk of no.8 stotz’s above a 6 inch 0.16mm hook length with a size 16 spade end B911 hook baited with single grain of corn, set up on purple hydro. 

Open match win and new venue record at The Jubilee Fishery, 163lb,

I drew Withies pool peg 7 (new peg 4) which is a peg that has been kind to me in the past and one that you can build a good weight.The Jubilee fishery is a club water and not a commercial fishery so you really have to think and find your fish to produce a good weight. I’ll explain how I did this and point out the key reasons why I succeeded in setting a new record.

I set up only two lines to attack this peg, one swim over to the far bank and a margin line to my left next to a line of reeds at 5 sections. Past knowledge had taught me that the margin can produce fish as I’d had 74lb in a match there several weeks ago. At this time of the year there is a flat spot on the bottom in 18 inches of water right next to some reeds which is the perfect depth for margin fishing. Some people prefer the right hand margin on this peg but I feel it’s is to weedy and you’ll lose fish and spook the others.

I began the match fishing over to the far bank under some tree branches and caught a few stockies on corn and pellet but this was only while I was primming the margin. I’d potted in a full pot of 8mm cubes of meat into the margin and left it for an hour to settle and bring in the fish.

After an hour noticed the angler to my right on the next peg catch a nice carp in his margin so I tried my margin and after 10 minutes I caught my first Carp. This gave me the confidence to stay on this line a little longer even though I thought it was to early and I began loose feeding cubes of meat every five minutes. I began catching well after 30 mnutes so I knew I was on for a good weight.

Now i’ll explain why I think I kept the Carp coming. Firstly you need to be tooled up for the job. The rig was an 0.3g Nick Gilbert NG XT mini Diamond MKII pole float, set up on 0.18mm Silstar matchteam main line with a bulk of no.8 stotz’s just above a 6 inch 0.16mm hook length, with a size 14 B911 spade end hook, (a 8mm cube of meat sits perfect on this size hook it’s if rolled onto the hook with the hook point showing) all set up on a red Hydro.

The Withies is a snake lake and there is no room to let carp run off otherwise the carp will swim into a snag on the far bank or further along the margin. The other very important part of the kit was a 4 metre long landing net handle. This was important because when I hooked a carp I was able to play and land it in the open water, away from where I was fishing and also away from the weedy margin to my right. Plus there was no risk of a hooked Carp going back into the left margin and spooking the other feeding fish. I believe this was the key to the match and why I was able to build the big weight. 

So with regular feeding of a few cubes of meat every five minutes over the next few hours I was able to keep the carp feeding in the margin. In fact the longest period I waited for a bite was about 2 minutes for the rest of the match and I only used 1 and a half tins of meat. I went on the weigh in 163lb 1oz for a new venue record on a wet overcast day which again was ideal.