Jubilee Fishery

The Jubilee Fishery is Evesham Jubilee A.S’s club water. I spent 18 years fishing here. I won many of the club and Open matches. Highlighted in 2016 when I set a new venue match record of 163lb 1oz 

Jubilee pool – Jubilee Fishery
Jubilee pool – Jubilee Fishery

I joined Evesham Jubilee in 1999 and in the early 00’s I was asked to become club secretary. This coincided with the club gaining the fishing rights to its own water, later to be named the Jubilee Fishery and over the next 15 years I was part of a great team of members that saw this developed into the three lake complex it is today. You can read more about my time with Evesham Jubilee HERE

Sadly in the later years the club had to have most of its matches at the Jubilee fishery so funds could be raised to afford the rent of the fishery. This saw canal and rivers matches decline and the membership changed into anglers that just wanted to fish at the Jubilee fishery. I started to fish other venues away from the club. The fishing also started to decline at the Jubilee fishery going from you catching 30lb -40lb on a average match off any peg to matches being won with just a few fish. These weren’t matches that I wanted to fish anymore and I saw myself and Evesham Jubilee going in different directions. I resigned as club secretary in 2017 and myself and a few others who felt the same formed Jubilee Nomads.

Evesham Jubilee is still a great club with some great members. If club fishing is your thing and your local to Evesham. It’s a great club to be a member!

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