Rob Butcher wins the Wednesday Open at Moorlands Farm

Fresh from a section win at Hillview and picking up the Nomad pounds coins at Moorlands on Sunday. Rob returned to Moorlands for the Wednesday Open with 14 anglers spread over Bank and Moor pools.

Rob took advantage of drawing well, finding peg 12 on the Moors pool home for the day, catching F1’s all day on expanders and corn in the margins to weigh in an excellent tonne plus weight of 118lb 14oz Well done Rob, flying the Nomad flag this week. 

RESULTS Wednesday 18/03/20 14 fished Bank & Moors1st Rob Butcher (Jubilee Nomads) 118.14.00 Peg 12 Moors – pellet corn edge 2nd Dave Coburn (Sedgley) Peg 80.07.00 Peg 05 Moors 3rd Kevin Roderick (Moorlands) 79.12.00 Peg 26 Bank

Jubilee Nomads pick up at Manor Farm Leisure and Moorlands Farm

This Sunday we decided on a trip to Moorlands Farm to fish the Open over island, Moors and Bank pools. 

27 anglers fished the match. Robin, Mark and Phil drew on the Bank pool. Fishing was tough early on but Mark produced an excellent finish to win the pool weighing in 54lb including 22lb of Silvers. This ended up overall 4th in the match and Mark also took the Nomad super pool. Phil and Robin caught fish but it was a struggle for them. Andy and Rob drew on the Moors pool and Stu drew the island pool but they also struggled for bites but still caught fish. 

RESULT Sunday 02/02/20 27 fished Bank, Moors & Island1st Neil Colcombe (moorlands) 82-14-0 waggler & corn peg 25 island 2nd Jason Powell (Maver) 67-15-0 peg 6 island 3rd Mal Watson (DGL) 65-2-0 peg 27 island 4th Mark Birbeck (Jubilee Nomads) 54lb 0oz peg 2 Bank

On the previous day (Saturday) Phil and Robin fished the Open at Manor Farm Leisure held on the island pool this week. Both had a good days fishing, fishing rods all day due to windy conditions with Phil coming 3rd overall with 65lb and Robin, 4th overall and picking up his section with 50lb

 RESULT1st Tom Need 100-4-0Top Tackle Peg 15 2nd Ian Millichip 73-0-0 Swindon Peg 4 3rd Phil Seedhouse 65-4-0 Jubilee Nomads Peg 6 4th Robin Ballard 50-4-0 Jubilee Nomads Peg 32 5th Steve Rich 46-4-0 Moaning Sods Peg 12

Mark Birbeck, 2nd placed, Moorlands Farm, Sunday Open

This week five of us Nomads met up at Moorlands Farm for their Sunday Open. This week fished on the Meadow pool.

Mark Birbeck continued his excellent form at Moorlands, having won his pool a couple of weeks ago this time Mark came 2nd overall weighing in 58lb 5oz from peg 3 to collect the Nomad Superpool. Andy (24lb) and Robin (31lb) caught a few fish while Phil and Rob pegged up in the shallows struggled.  Well done Mark