Jubilee Nomads April round up

April saw the Jubilee Nomads fishing different venues around the area. Star performer Andy is fast becoming the main man to beat at Woodland View. Andy has put the man hours in at this venue, fishing it most weekends throughout the winter and early spring and is now regularly picking up most week’s when he’s fishing there. This has been noticed by one of the teams that regularly fish Woodland View and Andy recently signed for Mosella Bag’em. The Jubilee Nomad success doesn’t stop there with the other Nomads taking more brown envelopes at Hillview and Manor Farm Leisure during April.

2nd/3rd April

Rob – 2nd overall at Hillview with 107lb
Andy – Section win, final round Woodland View teams of 4 with 69lb finishing the League 2nd with 14 points

Rob finished 2nd overall at Hillviews Saturday Open, held over the Moorhen and Heron pools, this time weighing in 107lb off the Heron pool. While at Woodland View there was another section win for Andy on Front Deans on the last round of the teams of 4 league with 69lb. Andy has had a great league to follow up on his Winter Pairs success earlier in the year at the venue having won several section wins throughout the league. Andy’s team Peg1 fished a great spring league this year finishing 3rd on the day this time to claim 2nd place overall in the league with 14 points.

14th April

Stu – Section win and 4th Overall, Manor Farm Leisure Thursday Open 70lb 4oz

Easter Weekend 15th – 18th April

Andy had a 1st place and 3rd Overall at Woodland View
Robin – Section win at Hillview 114lb
Rob – Section win at Hillview 98lb 8oz

We saw plenty of action or the Bank holiday weekend. Rob, Phil and Robin fished the 2 day Charity Festival over at Hillview. There were no pick up for us on the festival this time but Andy continued his excellent form over at Woodland View. He fished the Saturday Open, winning the match on Back Deans with 102lb 4oz and then he returned on the Bank Holiday Monday match this time over Front and Back Deans, drawing on 31 where he came 3rd with 99lb 6oz. Robin and Rob returned to Hillview on the Monday, this time joined by Stu. Robin and Rob this time faired better than the festival with both winning there sections.

24th April

Phil – 2nd Overall Hillview Sunday open, Heron pool, 88lb 8oz

This weekend was a quite one for the Jubilee Nomads, Just the one brown envelope, this time going to Phil over at Hillviews Sunday open where he caught 88lb 8oz from the Heron pool to win has section and 2nd overall.

30th April

Robin – Section win at Hillview with 108lb

and the month finished with Robin picking up his section at Hillviews Saturday open where he weighed in 108lb off the Heron pool. We’ve all fished different venues lately but we all look forward to fishing all together, the first time for a while, for our Spring Festival next week.

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