Preston Dura Slip hybrid elastic

This Dura Slip Hybrid elastic ticks all the boxes for me based on it’s durability, performance and its cost price.

6 months in from trying a couple of top kits with Preston new Hybrid Dura Slip. I must say I’m pretty impressed with it. I first used the green 11 elastic though a couple normal top kits back in the winter fishing for carp and F1’s with maggots, small hooks and light lines. It performed great, plenty of stretch in it and very noticeable when it powered up compared to the standard Preston 11 hollo elastic I used the previous winter. The added bonus is it’s still fine with no signs of perishing. In fact I was so impressed with it I used it in my short stop kits this summer where it’s also been excellent for shallow F1 fishing but I have also landed some bigger carp easily with it. Plus you can elasticate two short kits from one 3 metre piece and at roughly a fiver a excellent value.

So come the summer months I’ve also used the white 13, red 15, for my carp fishing and the yellow 17 for margin munters. Again I been impressed with it compared to standard hollo. Plenty of stretch in it and once it powers up landing fish has been a lot quicker. I also feel able to use slightly smaller and lighter hook lengths this year which always helps getting more bites.

Available in 8 sizes, Dura Slip Hybrid Elastic combines power, durability and stretch to create the perfect solid elastic for a wide range of species including F1’s and Carp. The elastic has been pre coated with slip oil increasing its performance and further enhancing its durability, Perfect for high catch rate venues where traditional solid elastics may fail.

Available in 3m lengths
Pre coated with slip oil for durability and performance
Available in 8 popular sizes
High stretch factor

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