Stu Thomson wins at The Vale Golf Club with 106lb

This week for a change we fished our own knock-up match at the Vale Golf.

Stu Thomson won the match breaking the tonne barrier fishing his trusted corn method to weigh in 106lb 0oz from peg 8. Andy Mitchell came 2nd drawn on peg 10 catching long on corn and hard pellets short before switching to paste close in to weigh in 98lb 0oz. Robin Ballard on peg 18 was 3rd with 84lb 0oz, all with his hard pellet attack. Mark Birbeck after a slow start caught well on paste for 81lb 0oz while Rob Butcher (50lb) and Phil Seedhouse (43lb) struggled.Away from this match Doug Smith needed to stay close to home and decided to fish the Open at Woodland View on Arles pool. Doug caught 35lb for a section win and qualified for the section winners final later in the year. 

Robin Ballard wins at The Vale golf golf

The week the Nomads decided on a small knock up match at The Vale Golf Club 

We were all keen to return back to the Vale golf club after two good recent matches there, where we all caught plenty of fish. This time the weather slowed sport down. The Vale is a cracking venue for small knock ups and full of fish but after several nights with frost and tempertures down from the last tme we fished it, weights were down. Robin Ballard and Andy Mitchell were the main players with Robin winning the match and beating Andy by 8oz.  Robin weighed in 52lb 0oz to Andys 51lb 8oz and 3rd was Mark Birbeck with 43lb. Other weights were Phil Seedhouse 38lb, Doug Smith 37lb, Stu Thomson 20lb

Andy Mitchell wins at the The Vale Golf Club with 88lb

This week the Nomads were keen to return to the Vale Golf Club rather than fish an open,  following their match the previous week where everybody caught well. 

A strong gusty wind forecast for the day made fishing difficult for all with fishing long on the pole pretty much ruled out. All the Nomads still caught well with everyone catching over 50lb. Andy Mitchell drawn on peg 18 won the match and also took the Nomad pound coins weighing in 88lb 0oz

Phil Seedhouse wins the Hillview Saturday open with 115lb

Jubilee Nomads continue to dominate at Hillview on Saturdays. This weeks open was won by Phil Seedhouse, The fourth Nomad Saturday open win at Hillview in five weeks.   

Then on Sunday the Nomads fished their own match on a new venue, The Vale Golf Club at Bishampton. Robin Ballard and Andy Mitchell were the other two Nomads to break the tonne barrier with Robin winning the match with an excellent weight of 142lb and Andy coming 2nd, again with a excellent 116lb net. 3rd was Doug Smith with  87lb The other weights were good with all the Nomads catching fish and at a new venue that all enjoyed.