Tirley Court

Pete’s pool at Tirley Court isn’t a commercially run venue but the fishing here is on another level. It’s booked out to club’s all year round and it’s difficult to get on the pool. The fishing is fantastic. I’ve been fishing it a couple of times a year for several years now and always catch a tonne+ weight every time!!

The ‘Stones area’- Pete’s pool, Tirley Court
The ‘Grass bank’ – Pete’s pool, Tirley Court

If you can get a match book on Pete’s pool at Tirley Court your in for a good days fishing. The pool isn’t ran as a commercial venue and there are no permanent pegs. The pool is around 5 acres with a central island to throw a feeder to. The depths of water can vary. The left side of the pool as you arrive is know as the deeps where it’s around 6 foot deep, compared to the grass bank on the far side and the stones area by the entrance which is only 2-3 foot and inches in the margins. Its good practice to actually get in the water here so wellies are must. However there is no need for your trolley as you can drive all around the pool

An awesome bagging venue

Pete’s pool at Tirley Court is a big weigh, bagging venue full of hard fighting carp from 2lb to big doubles. Most fish are in the region of 3-4lb though. During the summer months you will need plenty of bait and keep nets. You are going to catch a lot of fish , even in the shallow water. Some days they are crawling up the bank. All baits work well with Pellets, Corn and Paste being best. You will catch plenty of fish. The keep net limit is very low for the venue at only 50lb for each keep net and the owners often request a weigh in half way through the match. I’ve personally never caught less than 100lb here. With 200-300lb winning weights common. In fact we had one match there where it is won with 440lb!!

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