Rob Butcher main frames at Woodland View Sunday Open

This week 6 Jubilee Nomads fished the Sunday Open at Woodland View. A good turnout saw 30 anglers spread out across Front and Back Deans this week. Weather wise it melt like back to winter fishing with snow and hail showers blowing in all day with a cold easterly wind in between sunny spells. But we all caught fish. Some more than others.

Rob and Robin drew Back Deans while Phil, Stu and Doug found them selves pegged together on the low numbers on Front Deans opposite Andy also on Front Deans. Rob was this weeks star Nomad, taking the Nomad Super pool and also main framing in the match catching some large Carp from peg 38 to finish 3rd overall in the match with 81lb 8oz. Well done Rob.

Andy did well catching a 50lb plus weight again. while Robin chipped in with 34lb. Over on the lower numbers on Front Deans Doug was top Nomad weight between himself, Stu and Phil, all pegged together, weighing in 30lb to Stu’s 15lb and Phil’s 24lb.
Woodland View Sunday Open Result 11th April

1st Mark Taylor. Guru. D21. 97-1

2nd Kevin Slade. Peg one. D25. 85-8

3rd Rob Butcher. Jubilee Nomads. D38. 81-8

4th T Whitcher. Peg one. D63. 73-4

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