Jubilee Nomads get back to match fishing winning ways!!

Thankfully we Jubilee Nomads got back to match fishing over the long Easter weekend now that organised sport is allowed. With most of us fishing a couple of days. Phil, Andy, Robin, Stu and Doug fished the Saturday Open at Woodland view on Front and Back Deans where they all caught fish.

Robin was took the Nomad pound coins winning his section from Front Deans with 97lb 12oz. Doug just missed out on his section on Back Deans but caught well, weighing in 84lb while Andy and Phil had around 60lb each with Phil also just missing a section win.

Sunday saw Rob join Andy, Stu and Doug at Solhampton fishing Buzzard and Jackdaw pools. Andy was the starman here winning the Buzzard pool with 99lb 14oz pushing Doug into 2nd place with 91lb 4oz. Giving us a Nomad top Two. While Stu finished in 4th with 73lb. Over on the Jackdaw pool Rob was 4th with 72lb. It’s just great that we are all back match fishing, after such a long wait!!

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