Jubilee Nomads January monthly round up

New for 2022 will be a monthly write up on us Jubilee Nomads rather the doing a weekly post as in the previous year. We Jubilee Nomads fish where want and its not always together and it make sense to do this type of post monthly rather than weekly.

1st January

Section win
4th placed

So the New Year kicked off on the 1st of January with Andy, Rob avoiding New Years hangovers and doing well at Woodland View’s open with Andy picking up a section win with 19lb and rob finishing 4th in the match.

2nd January

Its a silvers match Stu!
3rd placed &Section win

The following day Stu booked in the open at Manor Farm Leisure, He drew well sitting on Island peg 6 all day catching 17 F1’s, normally good enough to pick up but the only problem was that Stu didn’t know before arriving at the fishery that this match was a silver fish only match where only his 9lb of silvers counted despite catching 17 F1’s. That could only happen to Stu!!

Phil had decided on Hillviews Sunday Open on 3 of the canal pools, drawing on canal 2, not the best pool but an end peg where he caught well, finishing equal 3rd overall in the match and picked up a section win with 76lb. (Read my blog HERE)

9th January

2nd placed

Andy continued to do well at Woodland View in the Winter Pairs League. This time finishing 2nd overall with 88lb off Back Deans 21 which has put Andy and his partner Kris in 1st place out of the 20 strong pairs fishing the league after 4 rounds.

16th January

2nd placed
Section win
Section win

This Sunday saw 3 Nomad pick ups over three different venues. Andy continues his good form at Woodland View this time fishing the Sunday Open on Arles pool catching 44lb of carp on the Bread and Bomb to finish 2nd overall. Stu also continues his cracking form at Manor Farm Leisure this time winning his section at their Sunday open with 27lb from the Windmill pool. Then over at the Hillviews Sunday Open Robin also picked up his section off the Heron pool with 54lb.

30th January

2nd placed & Section win
Section win
Open match win

The month ended well for the Jubilee Nomads picking up 10 brown envelopes throughout the month. With the final weekend seeing with Phil and Rob travelling to Hillview open on the Heron pool where they both picked up section wins and with Phil finishing 2nd overall while over at Cob House Andy won the open match on the Chestnut pool.

Well done Jubilee Nomads !!

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