About me

I caught my first fish a 2oz Perch at the age for 12 from Adlestrope Lake after joining Moreton in Marsh angling club in the early 80’s. I was hooked for life and I’m still catching fish 35 years later.

There were no matches in this club and my time is mainly spent night fishing with my school mates at weekends. We didn’t catch much with our basic tackle in those days but when we did it was great fun. Then about 3 years later I fished my first ever match. This was a team of three match in South Cerney with my local youth club fishing against other youth clubs in the area. I can’t remember what I caught but I remember catching a lot of small fish with my only rod. Our team finished in 2nd place and we returned home with a runner up shield.

I can remember travelling to Evesham on the train from Moreton with my fishing tackle in the guards van for days fishing on the river Avon but after passing my driving test in 1986 this opened up my opportunities to go fishing and it wasn’t long before we started travelling to fish other venues and many days where spent pleasure fishing a little carp pool in Bourton on the Water. 

Angling took a backseat in my teens as like most other teenagers I found drink, fags and girls!! Then in 1995 I got married and moved to Evesham. I did go fishing sometimes but never in a match it was always pleasure fishing. Then In the late 90’s I met Ken Savage who was a well-respected local angler in the Evesham area and this would change everything in my fishing career!

Ken persuaded me to join Evesham Jubilee angling society and we began fishing some of their club matches and also some Evesham and District Angling Association Summer and Winter leagues on the River Avon. I learnt a lot from Ken and after a while we were even travelling to Tunnel Barn Farm and Manor farm Leisure fishing their open matches and we even had a bit of success!! Even winning one of the Tunnel Barn Farms teams of three matches. Then one day whilst fishing the spring league at Lower Broadheath Ken told me he was packing in fishing and was going to get into golf. I thought at the time he would be back fishing but he never did. I was relatively still gaining experience with match fishing I decided to concentrate on the club scene and at this time Evesham Jubilee gained the fishing rights to a pool which later over the next 10 years developed into the Jubilee Fishery at Bishampton. Back then it was only one pool and I was asked to become secretary of the club a few years later. A post I held for 15 years. 

Evesham Jubilee A.S Cups & Trophies

Over the last 20 years my fishing has been club and Open matches on Rivers, Canals, and Stillwaters within the local area and fished local association winter and summer leagues on the River Avon in Evesham.  I have won many matches picking up Cups and Trophies along the way and I have also enjoyed fishing the prestigious Wychavon match at the Evesham Festival several times. I’ve met many friends through fishing and some of them are extremely talented anglers, I’ve listened and learnt so much from them on fishing methods and tactics’ and suggest you will learn more from mixing with other anglers on the bank than reading about it in a magazine. So this website is a little bit of giving something back to the sport that I’ve enjoyed throughout my life. But I am not finished yet and hope to win many more matches along the way. I might even see you on the bank soon! 

Over recent years my fishing has progressed from club match fishing to Commercial opens. I spent 15 years+ fishing with Evesham Jubilee and saw it’s home water, The Jubilee Fishery grow from one pool into the complex it is today.  My time with Evesham Jubilee was great and have made many friends though the club. and its still close to my heart. 

After winning virtually every cup and trophy in the club I wanted a new challenge and wanted to concentrate on just fishing different commercial venues rather than club matches on the same venue every week. So I and a few of my like minded  fishing mates formed Jubilee Nomads. We are not a club, just a group of anglers. We travel together to fish Commercial venues in the Worcestershire area these days.