The Jam Factory

I’ve Been fishing Lower Broadheath Fisheries Aka locally was the Jam Factory for the best part of the last 20 years. It’s a little off the beaten track but the fishing is fantastic. There’s no café, tackle shop or any other amenities but the fishing more than makes up for it.

Sycamore pool – The Jam factory
Willow pool – The Jam Factory

The six pool complex at the jam factory is run as a day ticket fishing venue and is available to book for matches throughout the year. The main match pools are Sycamore, Old, Willow and Ash and are all deep pools, up to 12 foot deep after the marginal shelf’s and are heavily stocked with all species.

Keep nets allowed for pleasure sessions

All though the complex gets busy at weekend with matches it’s one of the few venues where keep nets can be used in pleasure sessions and well worth a visit. If you are planning a trip there. Take plenty of bait as these fish are hungry. The standard baits such as pellet, corn and meat will keep the large carp happily feeding all day. Being deep pools they fish all year round and standard fishing tactics all work well. 

A big weight venue

In the summer months at the Jam factory 2-300lb match fishing weights are the norm with good back weights. These are big carp here and you don’t need many to do a big weight and strong gear is needed. Typical methods catch are on the bottom in the depths of winter and up in the water in the summer. The pellet waggler scores well as well as does pole tactics. In the warmer months the carp come in close up on the near shelf in the warmer water and a short pole line can be good before moving into the margins for later in the day. These margins range from one to two foot deep and you will see the carp once they arrive. These fish are powerful I wouldn’t think twice about using 20+ elastics in the heat of the summer and feeding plenty of bait. Meat, corn or pellets all catch plenty of fish

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