Tunnel Barn Farm

Tunnel Farm Barn needs no introduction. It is one of the Country’s main F1 and big money venues and luckily like many venues local to me it’s only 40 minutes’ drive from my home town of Evesham.

Extension pool – Tunnel Barn Farm
New pool – Tunnel Barn Farm

An F1 Mecca!

As a regular featured venue in many of the angling publications both online and print there isn’t much further that I can add about Tunnel Barn Farm. It is a angling mecca for F1 anglers.
All the pools fish well and this is a venue that doesn’t have that many banned methods. There’s the onsite tackle shop where they will provide fresh bait and plenty of advice. There are Cabins to stay in if you’re looking to stay for a few days and a good breakfast is available from the café. I fish here only a few times a year so it can be difficult to be aware whether maggots and pellets are the best bait. It can change like the weather and the local venue experts will be hard to beat because they will know what bait is working the best. But it a good place to go a fish against some of the country’s top F1 anglers. Fishing must be the only sport I can think of where you can just turn up pay your entrance fee and fish against some well-known anglers.

All the pegs are well constructed and level and you can park close to most pegs. but these fish like to dive under the pallets and it’s a good tip to place your keepnets around the pallet to stop this happening. There are matches most days but you need to keep up to date with what’s going on as they have plenty of leagues and big match qualifiers. So it can get busy.

A heavy bait bill to compete?

Another thing is the bait costs. It not usual for a gallon of maggots to be required and this cost added onto the match fee and travelling costs, can make for an expensive day. This is really one of the reasons why I’m not a regular up there. It’s a lovely venue but if you’re not “gunned up” with bait is going to be hard to compete in the summer months. But for the few times I go there the fishing is generally good

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