Doug Smith frames twice at Solhampton Opens this weekend

This weekend saw some of the Nomads fished both Opens at Solhampton. Saturday saw Doug, Robin and Rob in action on the Badger and Dragonfly pools. All caught well with Robin and Doug posting tonne plus weights off the Badger pool. Doug’s 124lb was enough to finish 2nd while Robin wasn’t far away. Over on the Dragonfly Rob framed as usual finishing 3rd with 54lb

Saturday ResultDragonfly pool 1st Mark Hingley 95-08 2nd Stu Campbell 66-04 3rd Rob Butcher 54-00Badger pool 1st Dave Johnson 129-14 2nd Doug Smith 124-12 3rd Carl Jones 120-02Sunday saw Phil join Doug, Robin and Rob. Doug drew well again having the Badger pool home for the day again, finishing 3rd this time with 93lb giving him a double pick up weekend plus the Nomad super pool. Rob caught 55lb while Phil finished 5th on the Jackdaw pool with 45lb

Sunday ResultBadger pool 1st Chris Hill 123-12 2nd. Karl Stephens 107-08 3rd. Doug Smith 93-08Valley pool 1st. Rich Green 81-10 2nd. Ken Turner 73-10 3rd. Mike Groves 68-13Jackdaw pool 1st. Jamie Hughes 95-14 2nd. Simon Dicken 95-06 3rd. Stu Campbell 71-00

Rob Butcher wins (again) at Solhampton Sunday Open

This week six of us Jubilee Nomads returned to Solhampton for the Sunday Open, this week with 20 anglers spread over Jackdaw and Buzzard pools. Phil, Robin, Andy and Stu drew on the Jackdaw pool while Rob and Doug drew on Buzzard. Rob continued his excellent form at this venue with another win catching 125lb and picked up the Nomad Super pool. Doug also did well finishing in the money, coming 3rd on the pool with 91lb. Over on the Jackdaw, Phil was top Nomad finishing 4th on the pool just out of the money catching 80lb while Andy and Robin and Stu all had 50lb+ weights. More on Jubilee Nomads HERE Jackdaw pool 1st Carl Jones 118-12 2nd Al Buchanan 91-00 3rd Alex Fulloway 90-12Buzzard pool 1st Rob Butcher 125-08 2nd Geoff Darlow 102-04 3rd Doug Smith 93-00

Rob Butcher continues to dominate at Solhampton with another win

This Sunday 6 of us Jubilee Nomads fished the open at Solhampton. A good turnout this week saw anglers spread over Valley, Kingfisher and Jackdaw pools this week. The draw put two of us Nomads on each pool, Rob and Robin on Jackdaw, Phil and Mark on Kingfisher while Andy and Doug drew on the Valley pool, Rob completed a personal hat-trick over the last 3 Sundays racking up another win, this time off the Jackdaw pool with 83lb to claim the Nomad Super pool. while Robin drew poorly and struggled for 31lb.The Kingfisher saw a close finish with only 14oz separating the top 3 anglers. Phil ended up 3rd on the pool, picking up a framing place with 69lb 0oz with 69lb 14oz winning the pool and 69lb 10oz coming second. Mark wasn’t far behind finishing up with 60lb+ Over on the Valley Andy was 4th just out of the money with 70lb 14oz while Doug weighed in 51lb

ResultsValley pool 1st Al Buchanan 82-12 1st Jeff Hodge 82-12 3rd Dave Hill 79-08Jackdaw pool 1st Rob Butcher 83-00 2nd Dave Baker 72-08 3rd Simon Dicken 68-00Kingfisher pool 1st Karl Stephens 69-14 2nd Derek Silk 69-10 3rd Phil Seedhouse 69-00

3rd placed, Solhampton Sunday Open, Kingfisher pool, 69lb 0oz

With the individual winter league starting soon, it was off to Solhampton this week for a bit of practice. A good turnout of anglers saw The Valley, Kingfisher and Jackdaw pools in this week. I was hoping to draw on the Valley as I’ve never fished that pool at the complex but when I drew 32 on Kingfisher, an end peg I was happy. I’ve fished Kingfisher a couple of times and always caught a few fish. 

On arrival at my peg I noted that they had been doing a bit of fishery maintenance on the island and I was greeted with a lot to floating debris from the work they’d been doing. I was a little concerned because the work had only been done at my end of the pool and I hoped this hadn’t pushed the fish down to the other end of the pool. I wasn’t complaining though, Solhampton has to be one of the best kept fisheries in the country and in the height of summer the pools are simply stunning. 

I had some good options and I set up rigs for fishing down the track in the deeper water and my margin rig could also be used over to the island as the depth of water was similar there. 

The weather was on the change now and even though the water was well coloured I felt I needed to fish the track in the deepest water a could find as the average depth is only around 3 foot deep. The margin down to my left was good at around 18 inch right by the reed bush and I felt confident of a few fish here. As the weather had turned colder I started on maggots on 2+2 after cupping in half a big pot of fishery micro pellet into the margin with a view of fishing it early. The maggot rig was a 4×10 Preston F1 maggot set up on 0.15 Guru N Gauge mainline with a spread bulk of no,11’s above a pre tied 0.11mm Preston SFL-B ready rig set up on an 11h hollo elastic. This produced plenty of Ide, Roach and micro Perch and the odd small carp but these were really small. The competition from these smaller fish intercepting the bait wasn’t allowing the carp to feed on my maggot loose feed and so I binned this off after 45 minutes. 

Left hand margin, Kingfisher 32
Left hand margin, Kingfisher 32

I went into the left margin next with a 6mm Pro Expander and cad potted in some more fishery micro’s. I began to catch some carp here straight away and this continued for the next hour feeding micro after every fish. The rig was an 0.4g Nick Gilbert XT Edger set up on 0.17 Guru N Gauge and a small bulk of no.8’s above a cut down 4inch 0.13mm Preston size 16 GPM Ready Rig set up on 13H hollo elastic. After an hour I began to foul hook some fish and the pellet was catching a few decaying leaves on the bottom. I felt a heavier bait would be better and I changed to corn. Still feeding mirco’s and a few gains of corn. This was much better and I had a good next hour and I was now building a good weight but the margin was now slowing down. I decided to feed another half a big pot of micro and rest the line. Returning to the maggot line which I’d still continued to feed. I hoped this constant feeding would of fed off the silvers by now and some carp had moved in but the small fish were still present and it was a time for a think what to do next. I thought about going long over to the Island but decided to start feeding maggots short on 2+1 to my left tight to the bank. This worked and I had a nice little run of carp here for the next 30 minutes before it died on me. Dropping on the maggot line next again just produced the small Silvers and I was now struggling to put fish into the keep net. 

I opened up a new line next with mirco’s and a 4mm Pro Expander on 2+1 but I never had a bite. The only places were I could get bites was from was the long margin with corn and the short margin maggot line and so I began to alternate between these lines for the final hour of the match. Things had slowed right down now and looking around the pool the other angers were the same. I was just picking off the odd fish now. I decided to return to the maggot line and catch what I could. It looked like a close finish was on the cards and a least these small silvers were adding to my overall weight. But these silvers were really small and they weren’t really of any value to me. I decided to stick with the long margin hoping to finish off with a couple more carp and I did catch two more in the last 30 minutes, so the right decision!   

The match finished and I estimated I had about 65lb on the clicker and I wheeled my tackle back to the car as I was on an end peg and last to weigh. Talking to the other anglers as I passed them and listening to what they thought they’d got, it soon became clear that it was going to be a tight result.  With the tackle back in the car I returned for the weigh in. 69lb 14oz was the top weight with 2nd having 69lb 10oz. With my 65lb on the clicker and a few silvers it was going to be very close as they were paying the top 3 anglers on each pool but a framing place was on the cards.

I weighed in 69lb dead which was enough for the final framing place. Those small silvers had made the difference. So a very close match and I only needed one more fish for the win! But I was happy, catching a good weight of fish in October is good and Solhampton never fails to disappoint. It really is a cracking fishery and more importantly a fair venue as the result showed. 

Margin Rig – 0.4g Nick Gilbert XT Edger, 0.17mm Guru N-Gauge, small bulk of no.8’s above a cut down 4 inch size 16 0.13mm Preston GPM ready rig set up on 13H hollo elastic. 

Result – Kingfisher pool
1st Karl Stephens 69-14
2nd Derek Silk 69-10
3rd Phil Seedhouse 69-00 

4th placed with 80lb, Solhampton Sunday Open

This week we Jubilee Nomads fished the open at Solhampton where 20 anglers were spread over the Buzzard and Jackdaw pools.

We are all fishing the individual winter league later their this year. So off we went for a little practise. I expected my normal bad draw which has continued throughout the summer of 2020 since we went back fishing after lockdown. I hadn’t had the best of luck during this time and nothing has been worthwhile posting. There’s been plenty of bad draws and me just making up the numbers fishing open matches during this time. 

Its been frustrating and when you go through bad runs like this you begin to doubt your angling ability. I’ve won plenty of matches over the years but this run of poor form has really got me thinking “what the hell am I doing wrong” I’ve watched countless youtube videos and read lots in the media about pole rigs, baits and how to feed. In fact I’ve pretty much thought about my fishing 24/7 and during this time I’ve struggled to frame in my matches. 

Yes Open matches are a higher standard of fishing than club matches and I compete with some excellent anglers. Many of these anglers are able to fish several times a week on their preferred venues and they are really switched on to these venues and it’s tough when I only fish once a week it different venues. 

During this bad run I’ve really had to think about my pole rigs coupled with the seasonal changes in the weather. Rig wise, its a mine field, pole float selection is key with correct line and shotting and float weight etc, Pole floats options with 2mm, 1.5mm and 1.2mm, Wire, glass or carbon stems, and spread out or bulk shotting, hook gauges and then rig stability on windy days to think about. So I’ve taken all this on board and I’ve taken the decision to re organise my pole rigs. I’ve been using Nick Gilbert pole floats for a number of years and they are all very good but I needed a confidence boost and I’ve completely redesigned my pole rig draws. Having confidence in your rigs is half the battle and I’ve changed to several different brands/styles of pole float which I hope changes my success. 

The first outing for these new rigs was this Sunday and I hoped for at least a good peg to try them out. At last a drew a good peg Jackdaw 4. The weather had changed since my last match and some of my winter finesse rigs were the first rigs out of the new draws. The plan was to fish maggot long (13m) and short (2+2). Soft pellet next to the reeds close to my right (2+1) and then left hand edge. I started on the short maggot line first feeding just maggots. This produced plenty of Ide, Roach and Skimmers but no Carp so I began cad potting in fishery micro pellet on to this line and the carp soon arrived. I was now building a weight but these carp were only small around 1lb. I needed to catch a better stamp of fish. 

So after an hour I switched a fishing a 6mm Sonubaits Pro Expander soft pellet next to the reeds cad potting in fishery micro’s. I began to catch a better stamp of fish here for an hour before it slowed down. I decided to rest it and switched to my left hand 2+1 but feeding fishery 4mm’s here to see if it made a difference. I caught here to and so for the next 2 hours I alternated between these two (2+1) lines. 

Half way into the match I seemed to think I was doing OK but now both lines were slowing down. I’d been feeding the 2+2 line with maggots all the time and decided to try here next but to feed  some micro into the left margin. The margin on this pool is just a gentle slope starting at couple of inches so I was a little unsure if they would come in now it was October. I began to fish maggot on the 2+2 line but kept an eye on the margin for swirls. The maggot line just produced silvers again so it was the micro that was pulling in the carp and pushing out the silvers so I binned the maggot line off. I tried the margin next with a 6mm soft pellet and I caught carp straight away but I was getting silky weed around the hook and missing bites. The carp were coming into the margin though so I re-plumbed up the margin nearer to me (2+1) but changed to feeding maggots with 3 on the hook in 6 inches of water. The maggots brought the carp in and I began to catch well here now. I could actually see the carp feeding on the maggots and I spent the rest of the match here. 

The match ended and I weighed in 80lb beating either peg each side of me. I ended up 4th on the pool with 118lb first and a couple of 90’s 2nd and 3rd. I just wish I’d fished the margin a little earlier. But I enjoyed the day and caught all day long. It was just the confidence boost I needed. The new rigs worked!!

Rigs – 

2+2 maggot line. (4ft)  4×14 Preston F1 maggot on 0.15mm Guru N Gauge mainline, Tapered 2″ spread bulk of no.10’s & no.11’s above a 6 inch 0.11mm size 18 SFL Ready rig hook length – Preston 11 hollo elastic 

2+1 Pellet line (3ft) 4×12 Preston F1 Pellet on 0.15mm Guru N Gauge mainline, Spread bulk of 1″ no. 9’s above a 6 inch 0.11mm size 16 SFL hook Ready rig hook length – Preston 13H hollo elastic (6mm Sonubaits Pro Expander)

Margin (6″)  0.2g Nick Gilbert Edger, 0.17mm Guru mainline, bulk no.10’s below float to 4″ 0.13mm size 16 GPM (chopped down Ready rig) – Preston 13H hollo elastic 

Rob Butcher wins the Solhampton Sunday Open with a tonne

This Sunday 4 Jubilee Nomads braved the wet weather with Rob, Doug and Robin heading the Solhampton while Andy booked in to the Open at Woodland View.

Over at Solhampton all 3 Nomads found Buzzard home for the day. All caught fish with Rob winning the pool from peg 13 catching exactly 100lb. Doug finished in 3rd with 67lb 8oz while Robin wasn’t far behind finished up 4th with 65lb 8oz. Giving the Jubilee Nomads a top 3 finish.

Over at Woodland View Andy on Front Deans Andy also did well finishing in 4th place and picking up a section win from FD7 with 49lb 10oz.

Solhampton Sunday Open, Buzzard Pool Result1st Rob Butcher 100lb 0oz2nd K Stephens 70lb 8oz3rd Doug Smith 67lb 8ozWoodland View Sunday Open Result 1.Chris Senter F/Deans 68lb 4oz. 2.Stu Tibbetts F/Deans 56lb 4oz 3.Pete Bailey F/Deans 52lb 4oz 4.Andy Mitchell F/Deans 49lb 10oz

Doug Smith, 2nd on Dragonfly, Solhampton Sunday Open

This week 4 of us Jubilee Nomads, Phil, Andy, Mark and Doug returned to Solhampton to fish their Sunday open match. This week 18 anglers were spread over Buzzard and Dragonfly pools.

We were split up this week with Doug and Phil drawing on the Dragonfly and Andy and Mark on Buzzard. The fishing is now becoming a little harder due to the seasonal changes with the weather and the cold nights. But Solhamton still provides good sport for all and we all caught fish throughout the day. Doug flew the Jubilee Nomad flag this week, drawn in the bowl on Dragonfly. He caught well on his trusted soft pellet method weighing in 96lb 4oz which was enough to claim 2nd place on Dragonfly and also the Nomad Superpool.

Phil was also on Dragonfly and caught 52lb 8oz finishing 5th on the pool. Over on the Buzzard Mark and Andy were pegged next to each other. Mark fished maggots while Andy went with his favoured corn and micro method. They both caught well and Mark finished 4th on the pool with 72lb 8oz just beating Andy who finished 5th on the pool weighing in 71lb 14oz

ResultsBuzzard pool 1st J Edwards 112-00 2nd Geoff Darlow 100-00 3rd L Kennerley 93-08Dragonfly pool 1st Steve Shakespeare 147-00 2nd Doug Smith 96-04 3rd Dave Johnson 94-08

Stu Thomson wins his pool at Solhampton Sunday Open

Six of us Jubilee Nomads returned to Solhampton for their Sunday open, this week spread over Buzzard, Duck and Kingfisher pools.

Stu, Andy and Robin drew on the Duck and it was Stu on peg 9 than won the pool which also had a few anglers pegged on the Kingfisher pool in the section. Stu caught 106lb 8oz to also take the Nomad Super pool.

Andy and Robin still had a good day catching fish, Andy had 82lb which just missed out framing while Robin had 75lb Over on Buzzard, Phil, Rob and Doug all caught fish and posted close weights between them. Phil was top Nomad on this pool weighing in 78lb, Rob had 65lb and Doug had 71lb.

ResultBuzzard pool 1st. Steve Shakespeare 135-08 2nd. Nick Rowley 130-00 3rd. A Edwards 125-14Duck/Kingfisher pool 1st. Stu Thomson 106-08 2nd. Colin Davey 89-02 3rd. Gary Dixon 86-06

Rob Butcher wins the Solhampton Sunday Open with 195lb

This Sunday six of us fished the Open on the Dragonfly pool. But with only a poor turnout of 7 anglers fishing there was plenty of room for all and almost our own match!

We all caught well but it was that man Rob Butcher on peg 38 in the bowl, again who won the match this time with an excellent 195lb for 1st place and the Nomad Super pool.Doug, pegged on 6 picked up the other framing place coming 2nd with 143lb 8oz, just edging Stu out of the money on peg 12 with 141lb, Next Nomad weight was Robin on peg 8 with 118lb 8oz, while Andy in the Bowl had 106lb and Phil on peg 3 finished with 94lb.

Result 1st Rob Butcher 195lb 0oz 2nd Doug Smith 143lb 8oz 3rd Stu Thomson 141lb 0oz 4th S Burrus 136lb 8oz 5th Robin Ballard 118lb 0oz6th Andy Mitchell 106lb 0oz7th Phil Seedhouse 93lb 12oz

Andy Mitchell, 2nd placed at Solhampton Sunday Open

This week six of us Jubilee Nomads returned to Solhampton for their Sunday Open, this week held on the Dragonfly pool.

The match was very close and no one ran away with the match as the fishing was slow for all anglers. The weather was hot and humid after a wet start but the day brightened up during the match but the fish weren’t really feeding this week. Andy continued his recent good form, drawn on peg 24 and was the star Nomad this week taking the Nomad Superpool and finishing 2nd in the match with 90lb, only 2lb behind the winner Stu Campbell. The rest of us Nomads still caught fish, Stu was 4th pegged in the bowl, just missing the main pay out in the match by a few lb’s weighing in 82lb. Phil caught 74lb from the far bank. Robin had 64lb from the Bowl while Doug weighed in 55lb and Rob throw back 35lb. So we all caught a few this week. Well done Andy. Flying the Jubilee Nomad flag this week.

Result 1st. S Campbell 92-06 2nd. A Mitchell 90-00 3rd. C Jones. 85-01 4th. S Thompson 82-02

Andy Mitchell, 2nd placed, Solhampton Open with 213lb 2oz

This week we Nomads fished different venue’s. Phil, Andy, Doug and Stu returned to Solhampton for the Sunday Open, while Rob, Mark and Robin fancied a change and fished a new venue travelling down to Monmouth to fish an invitational match at Redhill fishery on the Tilly’s pool.

Over at Solhampton the open was spread over Duck and Badger pools. Andy and Doug drew on Badger and Phil and Stu on Duck. The Badger proved to be the pool to draw this week where Andy drawn on peg 4 ended up 2nd with an excellent 213lb 2oz weight to collect the Nomad Super pool along with the main match pools. This week it was decided to have a weigh in half way through the match on both pools as anglers had struggled to catch during the later half of the match the previous week on the Badger pool and this seemed to help with some good weights recorded. Andy had a great start weighing in 96lb halfway through and then continuing to catch well for the reminder of the match. Doug finished with 169lb. Over on Duck the weighs were lower, Stu was 3rd with 109lb while Phil had 77lb. At Redhill Robin flew the Nomad flag on a pool he’d never fished before catching 157lb which was second overall. Well done Andy and Robin

Solhampton ResultDuck pool1st. Geoff Hodge 148-02 2nd. Geoff Darlow 134-11 3rd. Pete Hodge 120-04Badger pool1st. Steve Shakespeare 230-10 2nd. Andy Mitchell 213-02 3rd. Nick Rowley 209-04

Rob Butcher and Stu Thomson frame at Solhampton Sunday Open

We Nomads went back to Solhampton this Sunday for the Open, this week held on Buzzard and Badger pools. Phil, Mark, Robin, Rob and Doug drew on the Buzzard pool while Andy and Stu found Badger home for the day.

The pool to be on was the Buzzard with every one catching well recording good weights. It was that form man Rob that took the Nomad Super pool (again) coming 2nd on Buzzard with an excellent double tonne weight of 206lb. Over on Badger Stu’s 98lb was also enough to frame in 2nd place. Well done boys.

We had some good weights with Mark catching 178lb, Robin 156lb Doug 124lb. Phil claimed 120lb after a technical issue and Andy had 75lb.

At Solhmapton you have to use their keep and landing nets. These keep nets are getting old now and have to cope with heavy bags of fish in them every week. Phil actually weighed in 70lb, however one full keep net with around 50lb had a rip in it and come the weigh in all these fish had escaped.

Badger pool1st. Simon Dicken 103-04 2nd Stuart Thomson 98-04 3rd. Karl Stephens 88-00Buzzard pool1st. Stu Campbell 242-00 2nd. Rob Butcher 206-08 3rd. Mark Birbeck 178-06

Doug Smith finishes 3rd on Jackdaw, Solhampton Sunday Open

All us Nomads returned to Solhampton this week for the Sunday Open, this week held over Jackdaw and Buzzards pools. On another blustery wind effected day.

Doug, Andy and Rob drew on Jackdaw while Phil, Stu. Robin and Mark found Buzzard home for the day. With 13 anglers on each pool this put pressure on the pool and weights were not as high as the previous week where we all recorded good weights. Doug was the top Nomad weight this week picking up the Nomad Super pool, but Doug’s 85lb was also enough to mainframe in the match, finishing 3rd on Jackdaw. Andy wasn’t far away with 75lb and Rob had 68lb Over on the Buzzard pool Phil had the top Nomad weigh with 74lb Stu with 62lb and Mark had 38lb with Robin throwing back around 40lb.

Open Match results from Sunday 5th JulyJackdaw pool1st. Chris Hill 115-02 2nd. Karl Stephens 86-00 3rd. Doug Smith 85-00Buzzard pool1st. Geoff Darlow 125-14 2nd Nick Rowley 117-15 3rd. Stu Campbell 117-08

Rob Butcher weighs in 233lb 8oz, 1st place Solhampton Sunday Open

Following last Sundays Nomad trip to Solhampton we all decided on a return visit to the venue for this weeks Sunday open, held over Buzzard and Valley pools this week.

But nothing changes! Rob followed up on last weeks win off the Kingfisher pool by winning again, this time off the Valley pool with an excellent 233lb 8oz. In fact the Valley pool was the one to draw on this week with Rob, Doug, Robin, Mark and Stu all catching huge weights of fish. Stu recorded 181lb but unfortunately went over the 55lb keepnet limit on two of his nets in a overall catch which would have challenged Robs top weight. Mark posted 208lb, Robin 171lb and Doug 140lb in a brilliant match on the Valley.

Over on Buzzard the fish followed the wind into the top end of the pool where some good weights were also caught but Andy and Phil struggled, but still caught some fish. Andy on the bottom end of the pool weighed in 113lb and Phil struggled to record 82lb from a wind affected peg. We Jubilee Nomads caught over a 1000lb of fish between us yesterday which is exactly why we formed and concentrate on Commercial venue in the area.

Valley Pool1st. Rob Butcher 233-08 2nd. Rich Green 213-12 3rd. Mark Birbeck 208-04Buzzard pool1st. Chris Hill 217-08 2nd. Geoff Hodge 203-00 3rd. Steve Shakespeare 136-08

3rd placed, Solhampton Sunday Open, 96lb 10oz

3rd pn pool with 96lb, Jackdaw pool, Solhampton

This week for a change I travelled to Solhampton for their Sunday open held this week on the Kingfisher and Jackdaw pools. 

I’ve fished the Kingfisher pool a couple of times before and hoped to draw on there but Jackdaw a new pool on the complex was my home for the day, drawing peg 6. 

On arrival a found a feature less pool with no bank side vegetation and no obvious place to fish! When I got to my peg it was covered on goose poo and there was plenty of mud as the grass banks were still establishing. So I had know idea but guessed there would be plenty of small fish to be caught.

I set up two margin rigs as the margins were very shallow with just a gentle slope. One rig was for fishing the mud line close to the bank and the other a little further out down the slope with Corn and Expanders. While the other two rigs were to fish hard pellet on top2+2 at 10 o’ clock and corn at 2 o’clock in 4 foot of water. Fishing long was ruled out due to the wind but I also set up a shallow line if needed. So an easy set up. Rod’s are not allowed at Solhampton in the summer months. 

I opted to fish 11h hollo on both the top2+2 lines and 13H hollo on the margin rigs so I could fish relatively light on 0.13mm hook lengths as I didn’t know what size of fish to expect. I would have half a change of getting out a big fish but as I said before I expected a lot of small fish as it was a new pool. Bait choice for the day was fishery 4mm feed pellets, corn and some 6 & 8mm Sonu Pro Expanders.  

At the “All in” I’d already seem a few carp in the margins very close to the bank in the shallow water and I opted to start here fishing corn on the hook and feeding corn and pellets on just my top kit either side of my keepnets. The first hour hour was brilliant catching around 40lb just off my top kit left and right. I was thinking my 3 fishery supplied keep nets wouldn’t be enough!! (You use their keep nets and landing nets at Solhampton) An hour later the fishing was slowing down. The fish weren’t now coming into the margins just I began to start feeding my top2+2 hard pellet line. I began catching again here but these fish were small carp with a few small Tench and Ide mixed in, but at least I was still catching!

I felt a change was needed and cad potted in some 4mm pellets and Corn onto the other top2+2 line. This produced some more carp but again they were on the small side. I’d carried on feeding the margins left and right and waited for some swirls before going back to the margins and for the next hour alternating between my four pole lines, The fish I caught from the margins were a little bigger (2-3lb) but you had to wait longer for bites and I returned to the margins for the rest of the match thinking as time went on the margins would come good. They didn’t but the fish I caught in the margins were bigger so a stayed fishing the here off my top kit, left and right for the rest of the match. 

With an hour to go I changed to a 6mm Sonu Pro Expander as hook bait which seemed to be better and then I later changed to an 8mm and the fishing improved s bit. 

At the “all out” I knew I’d done well on the pool and I weighed in 96lb 10oz which took 3rd on the pool with 105lb and 103lb in 1st and 2nd so a close match. 

Over on the Kingfisher pool they fished an extra hour as the two pools were a separate match which I found a little strange and I would have loved an extra hour. However well done to my Jubilee Nomad mate Rob Butcher who was top weight off the Kingfisher pool. Winning with 121lb. Overall I enjoyed the day. I would have preferred drawing on the Kingfisher as Jackdaw was an unknown quantity but it was a nice days fishing and Solhampton is a really nice venue. I think I’ll be coming more often. The other pools there look lovely.  

Margin Rig – 12 inches deep,  0.2g Nick Gilbert XT Edger pole float, 0.19mm N-Gauge mainline with a small bulk of no.10 stotz’s above a 6 inch 0.13mm size 16 GPM Preston Ready Rig set up on 13H hollo

Top2+2 Rig  4 foot deep, 0.4g Nick Gilbert XT Finesse Power pole float, 0.17mm N-Gauge mainline with a spread out bulk of no.10 stotz’s above a 6 inch 0.13mm size 18 Guru SLWG banded Ready Rig set up on 11H hollo


Jackdaw pool

1st. Steve Shakespeare 105-08 2nd. Rob Pemberton 103-02 3rd. Phil Seedhouse 96-10

Kingfisher pool

1st. Mark Butcher 121-06 2nd. Geoff Darlow 120-02 3rd. Mark Betteridge 107-08

Rob Butcher wins the Solhampton Sunday Open

This week and the first time for ages saw all us Jubilee Nomads fishing a match together. We decided on a visit to Solhampton for the Sunday Open, this week held on the Kingfisher and Jackdaw pools.

Phil, Doug, Andy, Robin and Stu all drew on the new Jackdaw pool while Rob and Mark found Kingfisher pool home for the day.

On the Kingfisher, Rob continued his good form winning his pool and also the open with another tonne+ weight of 121lb while Mark chipped in with 72lb.

Over on the Jackdaw pool Phil was the top Nomad, coming 3rd on the pool with 96lb with 105lb winning the pool. All caught early before it slowed down. Doug had 68lb, Andy 58lb, Robin 48lb and Stu 42lb

Open Match resultJackdaw pool1st. Steve Shakespeare 105-08 2nd. Rob Pemberton 103-02 3rd. Phil Seedhouse 96-10Kingfisher pool1st. Mark Butcher 121-06 2nd. Geoff Darlow 120-02 3rd. Mark Betteridge 107-08

2nd placed on a Wrinklies match at Solhampton

The Wrinklies are a group of mostly retired match anglers that generally fish Commercials on a Thursday. Having a few days off work before the end of the year meant I was able to fish my first match with them. 

The match was at Solhampton held over the Kingfisher and Valley pools. I drew peg 7 on the Kingfisher which was good as I’ve fished this pool a couple of times in the past but I’d never fished Valley before. 

With the weather turning cold it was back to winter mode for me and the plan was to fish maggots long and short on the pole and corn in the margin. Although it was cold the day was bright and sunny, not the best conditions for fishing and this reinforced my decision to fish maggots. But it was a lovely day.  

I started the match toss potting in a few maggots at 13 metres and the bites were instant from small Ide. I carried on toss potting in maggots for the next 15 minutes and I was bringing back an Ide every time. These maggots were been eaten straight away by the Ide. I needed some carp in the swim so I began feeding maggots via the catapult and after a while I was catching some small carp between the Ide. 

I threw out a maggot feeder next to the island just to see if any bigger carp were over by the island. I caught another small carp but I was mainly being plagued with small Ide. So I carried on fishing the 13 metre pole line for these Ide, some of which were around a pound in weight and with a odd small carp I began to build a weight. 

While fishing the 13 metre line I began throwing maggots into my short top2+2 line for later in the match. Everybody else was catching small fish so I really needed to catch short for these fish and not waste to much time shipping in and out for them. 

I gave the short pole line an hour before I went on it, still throwing maggots every 5 minutes. When I went over this short line I continued to catch the Ide but I’d seen some carp swimming around so I felt they would come at some point. 

At this point a tried corn in the margin next to some reeds where I’d loose fed some corn. No bites came and it just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t getting any indications on the pole float. So I returned to the short pole line and I continued to catch Ide.

At this point I began to loose feed a little heavier just to see if this would bring in any carp. This worked and I began to catch a odd carp and going into the last hour the carp really turned up. I began to catch these small carp quicker and quicker. Going into the last 30 minutes I was really bagging, in November!!  

Come the weigh in, it turned out Kingfisher was the pool to be on, Valley fished really hard with only 27lb winning the pool. My 68lb 4oz was enough to finish 2nd in the match. 71lb won the match. So only a couple more fish where needed!! The weather was lovely and the Wrinklies seemed a good bunch of lads. I really enjoyed the day.  

Maggot rig 1  – 13 metres in 3 foot of water – 0.3g Nick Gilbert XT Wire Gimp set up on 0.15g Guru N-Gauge main line with no.9 stotz’s followed by 3 no.10 stotz’s spaced at 3 inch gaps from the hook length, which was a size 18 GPM-B 0.11mm Preston Ready rig.  Set up on Preston 11H hollo elastic 

Maggot rig 2 – 2+2 in 2 foot of water – 0.2g Nick Gilbert XT Wire Gimp set up on 0.15g Guru N-Gauge main line no.10 stotz’s spaced at 3 inch gaps from the hook length, which was a size 18 GPM-B 0.11mm Preston Ready rig. Set up on Preston 11H hollo elastic