Garbolino Ultra Compact Power Margin Kit

These Garbolino margin kits have been available for a while now and I’ve always preferred to use a standard long top two kit for my margin work, thinking you need plenty of heavy elastic to stretch out when playing big margin munters from the commercial venues I regularly fish. Well I recently brought one of these short power kits that fit onto most Garbolino poles … Continue reading Garbolino Ultra Compact Power Margin Kit

Split Shot v Stotz’s – both have their place

Just a short review on a small but really important item of tackle we all use on our pole rigs, Split Shot. I feel both have benefits over the other when used in different ways. Over recent months after using Stotz’s for all my Commercial pole rigs over the last few years since they arrived in tackle shops, I’ve returned to split shot on most … Continue reading Split Shot v Stotz’s – both have their place

Why I’ve chosen the Garbolino UK3 Match Power plus over the UK4 Maxim

Having used Garbolino poles for the last 25 years and trust them immensely. Plus knowing all my Top Kits would still fit the new pole, when is came to replacing my GMax C1 Power for my commercial fishing the choice was the easy. A new Garbolino UK pole. But which one? I couldn’t afford the mortgage for a UK1 !! So baring in mind my … Continue reading Why I’ve chosen the Garbolino UK3 Match Power plus over the UK4 Maxim

Preston Dura Slip hybrid elastic

This Dura Slip Hybrid elastic ticks all the boxes for me based on it’s durability, performance and its cost price. 6 months in from trying a couple of top kits with Preston new Hybrid Dura Slip. I must say I’m pretty impressed with it. I first used the green 11 elastic though a couple normal top kits back in the winter fishing for carp and … Continue reading Preston Dura Slip hybrid elastic

Why I’ve returned to mass produced Commercial pole floats

Several years ago mass produced pole floats from some of the main fishing tackle companies were really terrible. Often falling apart even before they sat in the water. The choice on offer wasn’t good either with only a few basic options generally available. Many serious anglers turned to handmade or hand assembled float makers such as Mick Wilkinson and Nick Gilbert to name a couple. … Continue reading Why I’ve returned to mass produced Commercial pole floats

Garbolino Short Stop Kits

Garbolino Short Stop Kits 21 July 2020|Tackle Reviews In recent years especially for F1 fishing shallow, Short Kits have become a welcome addition to the match anglers armoury.  I’m a big fan of Garbolino poles so when they brought out their own short stop kits, off to the tackle shop I went as all Garbolino top kits are interchangeable with their older poles.  These short … Continue reading Garbolino Short Stop Kits


Daiwa Hydrolastic and Preston Hollo elastics I’ve used various elastic brands over the years and without doubt daiwa’s hydrolastic even though it’s pretty expensive is the one I turn to for my summer shallow fishing.  Used in conjunction with my short stop kits with puller bungs, I find it unbeatable in the light orange (4-8) and white 6-10) grades. When fishing shallow and you have … Continue reading Elastics

Drennan Red Range, 12ft Carp Waggler Road

Last winter I felt I had a rod missing from my match fishing armoury. I have 11ft pellet waggler rods but I really lacked a decent value for money 12ft carp waggler rod that I could fish a traditional waggler out at range during the winter months at full depth. I also wanted a rod that could also handle large match sized carp on the … Continue reading Drennan Red Range, 12ft Carp Waggler Road

Nick Gilbert pole floats

Nick Gilbert has a large comprehensive range of award winning hand assembled pole floats that cover nearly all UK fishing applications. A Pole Fishing Magazine winner 3 years running. The build quality of these is about as good as it gets and the only range of pole floats I’ve used over the last several years. When I came across Nick’s website shop float store. I didn’t … Continue reading Nick Gilbert pole floats

The pre-tied Ready Rigs revolution

Over the last 20 years of match fishing I have spent many an evening tying up hook lengths for my matches along with pole rigs for the weekend. Now over the last couple of years tackle companies such have Preston Innovations and Guru have released their Ready Rigs in numerous different options for pole, method/pellet feeder work and bomb.  Being a working chap with limited … Continue reading The pre-tied Ready Rigs revolution

Preston Innovations ICS Feeder System

I love great ideas that save me time on the bank and Preston Innovation ICS Feeder system certainly does that! The ICS (inter change system) has been around for several years now. Its a fantastic way of changing your terminal tackle on a ready made up rods in seconds and saves having to set up several rods for a match or pleasure session. Sometimes times … Continue reading Preston Innovations ICS Feeder System