Phil Seedhouse wins at Hawford Bridge with a tonne

This week we Nomads fished with the Bears at Hawford Bridge on the Broomhill and Bridge pools

Rob, Stu, Phil, Andy and Mark fished this week and considering it’s only the first week in the New Year the venue fished brilliantly with everybody catching fish. Phil followed up last weeks win a Woodland View with another win. Phil drew well, drawing the same winning peg Mark had from the previous week on the Bridge pool. Phil caught steady all match catching on the long pole to weigh in an excellent 114lb 8oz. 2nd place was Bears angler, Trevor with 109lb 4oz from the Broomhill pool. Andy also on the Bridge pool had a great start catching well before things slowed down for him but he still managed to claim his 2nd 3rd spot over the weekend with 98lb 13lb as he fished the Open at Hillview on Saturday and finished 3rd there with 74lb 8oz from peg 81 on canal 3, just missing out on the section by a few lb’s.Stu and Mark again on Bridge both caught fish. Mark with 83lb 4oz and Stu 35lb 8oz. Rob found the drawbag god’s still unkind and found himself on Broomhill where he weighed in 52lb 15oz

Match win, Hawford Bridge, Bridge pool, 114lb 8oz

This was a Bears match at Hawford Bridge over the Broomhill and Bridge pools. I drew a good peg on Bridge. A match was won off it a couple of weeks ago so I knew it’s potential in the winter. 

On plumbing up I found 6 foot of water at on my long pole line with it shallowing up to 4 foot on short pole line. I set up pole rigs for pellets and corn long. A maggot short line and the margin to my left. I started on the long pole line sprinkle cad potting in a few 4mm pellets with corn on the hook. This produced 5 or 6 carp in the first hour but as time went on the fishing began to slow down so I began to feed my short maggot line early. When I went over it no bites came. I felt the need for a change to what I was using over the long pole line. I’d caught fish there so they were definitely in the area.

I decided to fish maggots long and to catapult feed into rather than potting it in. This tactic had worked well for me a few weeks ago at Hawford on the Broomhill pool. This had an instant result, I began to catch carp quicker than before. I caught here for the rest of the match feeding maggots via the catapult every five minutes. That’s really the full story for this match I ended up stopping feeding my other lines with an hour to go. So it’s a short blog this week. I ended the match with 114lb 8oz for the win and considering it’s only the 1st week in January I was well happy to do a tonne+ weight. 

Maggot Rig – 6 foot deep. 0.6g Nick Gilbert 1.5mm tip Wire Gimp pole float set up on 0.15mm Guru N-Gauge mainline with a bulk of no.8 Stotz’s 18 inches from the hook with 3 no.10 equally spaced out dropper shot above a 6 inch size 16 0.13mm Preston GPM-B Ready Rig. Set up on 11H Preston Hollo elastic through a puller kit. 

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Phil Seedhouse wins Woodland View Open

Being the Christmas break we Jubilee Nomads were able to fish three matches during the week at The Jam Factory, Hawford Bridge and Woodland View. Phil being the star Nomad of the week winning the Open at Woodland View. 

Phil, Rob, Stu and Robin fished the Open at Woodland View spread over Hay, Barley and Front & Back Deans. Phil and Robin drew well on Barley and Hay, each having an end peg. While Rob and Stu drew on Front Deans.

Phil took full advantage of his end peg and won the match outright with 87lb 0oz catching steady all day and also took the Nomad super pool. Robin caught 40lb off Hay pool while Rob and Stu drawn on Front Deans struggled as expected on their pool. 

Phil, Andy, Rob, Mark and Robin fished with the Bears on the Broomhill and Bridge pools at Hawford Bridge. Bridge being the better of the pools where Mark won the match with an excellent 150lb 5oz and also the Nomad super pool. Andy also fished well producing another tonne plus weight of 137lb 7oz for 2nd place. While Robin did well and catching 73lb 2oz. Over on the Broomhill pool Phil (30lb) and Rob (18lb) struggled only catching in the last hour. 

Phil, Stu, Rob, Mark and Robin plus guests fished our own match on the Old pool at the Jam Factory organised by Mark. The match was dominated by one end of the pool with Andy and Mark catching well. Andy won this match with 80lb 2oz Dave Bowditch was 2nd with 77lb 2oz with Mark coming 3rd with 53lb 0oz. Stu won his section and Pete Dutton won the other section. Phil, Rob, Stu and Robin struggled on the wrong end of the pool only catching 2 Carp between them

Match win with a Tonne in December

It’s hard to get onto a match at Hawford Bridge. Most weeks all the pools are booked out but this week I had an invite from a local match group the Bears to fish on the Broomhill pool. After a nice full English at Julie’s Café in Droitwich myself and travelling partners Robin and Andy headed down to the venue. 

I’ve only ever fished the Penn pool once before at Hawford so on arrival I was really looking forward to the match as it was somewhere different to fish. Even though it was cold and we were now into the first week in December. I drew peg 4 and I was told it was a flyer. (as usual) On arrival at my peg which was at the far end of the pool I had the back of an island to throw a pellet feeder to and while plumbing up my pole lines I found 6 foot of water long and short which is a good depth of water to fish during the winter months. 

I planned to fish a small 20g ICM Preston pellet feeder with a Sonubaits 6mm White Chocolate bandum as hook bait on a 4 inch (0.17mm) size 18 Preston KKM-Ready rig with normal micro’s as feed. I was originally going to fish the bread and bomb but I was told it was banned! So my thinking was to fish a white coloured pellet to mimic bread as this can be great in the winter. I started the match on the pellet feeder and began to catapult a few red maggots out into my long pole line every 10 minutes with the plan being to switch to the pole if the pellet feeder wasn’t working. 

I waited only 5 minutes for my first bite on the pellet feeder, the tip shot around and 5 minutes later a carp around 5lb was safely in one of my keepnets! A great start and I threw out the pellet feeder again around 2 metres off the island and continued to prime the long pole line with red maggots. 10 minutes later the tip moved again and another carp was in the keepnet! The next fish was a longer wait about 20 minutes and then a fourth about 30 minutes after that. I began to think the feeder hitting the water was beginning to spook the fish. I was definitely waiting longer for the bites. So an hour and half into the match it was time to try the long pole line next. I’d been feeding red maggots via a catapult here since the start of the match. The other anglers in the match were fishing the pole and they hadn’t really caught much, so I planned to try the pole for 20 minutes and if nothing was happening I would go back on the pellet feeder and wait for the bites. 

I shipped out to where I’d been feeding the red maggots since the start of match and waited with my double red hook bait at dead depth as there was no tow today. The rig was a 0.6g Nick Gilbert XT Wire Gimp pole float set up on 0.15mm Guru N-Gauge main line with a bulk of no8 stotz’s 18 inch from the hook and 3 no.10 dropper stotz’s above a 0.13mm size 18 six inch Guru LWG Ready Rig. This was set up on a Preston 11H hollo elastic through a side puller power kit. It wasn’t long before my first carp bite and I’d now caught five carp two hours into the match which is good for December! It wasn’t long before I caught another carp on this pole line and I continued to feed the red maggots thinking I’ll now stay on the pole longer. I began the catch well and I was now beginning to build a good weight on this long line. Things were going well on this long pole line but I expected it to slow down at some point and I began to feed my short pole line with maggots for the last hour of the match.

During this period on the long pole I got broke two times on my 0.13mm hook length and once on the knot on the 0.15mm mainline even though I was using a light 11H elastic. This was really strange and I can only put this down to the fish rubbing up against a hard rock bottom? Anyway as the fish were clearly having it today I put on a heavier summer 0.17mm rig and upped the hook to a size 16. I hoped this wouldn’t kill the swim. I don’t really think line diameter really matters that much when catching carp anyway and strangely I hadn’t caught any silvers with the maggot hook bait so I had no worries about using the heavier line diameter. Using the new rig didn’t stop the bites and I continued the catch carp well and going into the last hour I stopped feeding the short pole line. The fish were clearly happy sitting out further and I carried on catching carp right up to the end of the match. 

Come the weigh in my first keepnet weighted in at 46lb. Then match organisers battery on his digital scales went and we had a few problems with his reserve set of digital scales which kept showing an error with my second keepnet. I guessed my weight in this second weigh to be around 60lb but the scales were showing 50lb giving me a total weight of 96lb. If this had been a serious open match I would have insisted that my second net was re-weighed. However it was a couple of Old boys struggling to weigh in and as there wasn’t much pools money up for grabs I settled for their results. Andy was next to weigh in and he suffered the same problems with a scale man recording 96lb after a few weighting attempts beating me by a couple of pounds. 

It was really just myself and Andy that had caught today. Everybody else fishing had struggled to catch and we just decided to call it a draw. We both had caught a lot of fish for the time of the year so we were both happy and I clearly thought I had over 60lb for my 2nd weigh and this would have given me around 106lb. In the end this wasn’t a serious match. The two old boys were clearly struggling and as we were invite’s I didn’t want to kick up a fuss. 

To catch 100lb in December made this a match to remember, what a venue!! 

Jubilee Nomads frame at 4 different matches over the weekend

This week us Jubilee Nomads were split around different matches spreading the Nomad name at matches at Tunnel Barn Farm, Hillview and Hawford Bridge 

Robin Ballard was the star man at Hillviews Saturday open with 18 anglers spread over the Moorhen and Heron pools Robin drew on peg 23 on the Heron pool where he caught 72lb which was 2nd overall in the match and he took section money plus pounds from Phil and Andy. Fresh from picking up a section win on Thursday at Manor Farm Leisure, Phil fished the Friday Flyer open up at Tunnel Barn Farm on House pool. After a heavy frost the fishing was hard but Phil’s 18lb 4oz was enough to also finish in 2nd place. Phil followed that up by catching a tonne on Sunday and finishing joint 1st with Andy who also caught 100lb at a Bears match on the Broomhill pool at Hawford Bridge. So Phil and Andy shared the Nomad Super Pool. Robin also fished well coming 3rd  with 41lb 8oz giving the Nomads the top 3 places. Mark was fishing just on the Sunday, fishing an Evesham Jubilee A.S match on the 3rd and 4th Canals at Hillview. Mark flew the Nomad flag and won the match with 53lb 2oz. well done Mark. So a good weekend for the Jubilee Nomads 2 wins, 2 seconds and top 3 at Hawford Bridge. Well done Lads 

2nd placed at Hawford Bridge, Penn pool, 32lb

This was an invitational match organised between the Jubilee Nomads during the Christmas break and a few invited guests fishing on the Penn pool at Hawford Bridge Fisheries.   

This was my first ever visit to this fishery so I had to ask around and do a bit of internet research before the match regarding the average depths and size of fish expected. I learnt that this pool is an out and out Carp pool that produces big weights in the summer months but I couldn’t really find out much on how it fishes in the winter months. 

On arrival at my peg I found a reed bed at 13 metres with about 4 foot of water just off it with the depth going down to 6 foot in the middle and 5 foot in the margins. So I planned to fish Corn and pellet over to the Reed bed, Soft pellet in the middle of the peg and corn in the left margin just off another reed bed to the left. 

I fed these lines at the start and then threw out a bomb hair rigged with three 10mm bread discs towards an island about 100 metres to my left and waited. 

I didn’t have to wait long, the tip of my rod twitched and I lifted into a carp around 4lb after 10 minutes. A good start! The tip pulled round again 20 minutes later with another carp, only for the hook to pull out at the net! But this still gave me the confidence to stay on the bread and bomb and 20 minutes later another small carp pulled the tip round and it was landed safely this time. 

The next 40 minutes were slow going and I throw around different areas looking for more carp but I couldn’t get anymore bites. I’d been feeding my pole lines now for a couple of hours and I tried these next. This resulted in one small carp caught on corn from the far reed bed swim. The pole lines weren’t producing so back on the bomb I went. 

I hit on a nice purple spell for the next hour landing 6 more carp on the bread and bomb line but then going into the last 40 minutes of the match the bomb line died on me. So I was left with a decision to make. Do I try the pole again or stay on the bomb. I decided to try the far reed bed pole line again, it was the only pole line that had produced a bite earlier and I had been feeding it with a few grains of corn every 10 minutes while I’d been on the bomb. I decided I would give it a go for 10 minutes and if no bites came I would finish the match on the bomb. 

I waited only 5 minutes before I got a bite this time and I caught a carp around 3lb and then another 10 minutes later. I’d now caught 11 carp in total and looking around the pool I felt as already in a framing position.  

I then hooked a carp and got broke and this must have spooked any carp in the swim because I never had another bite. But luckily my 11 carp weighed in at 32lb 0oz which was enough to end up 2nd in the match.  

This was another enjoyable days fishing catching 32lb at the end of December is good and I enjoyed the day on the bomb rod. Something I don’t do that often. I really need to visit this venue in the summer I bet its great fishing.  

Bomb rod set up –  10ft Preston Innovations Mini plus rod and a Daiwa TDR 2508 reel loaded with 6lb XT Tournament main line with a 20g Preston Innovation ICS Bomb with a 15 inch 0.17mm hook lenght tied to a size 18 Preston Innovations hair rigged KKM hook, baited with three 10mm bread disc’s 

Andy Mitchell wins at Hawford Bridge

This was a Jubilee Nomad invitational match at Hawford Bridge fishery, during the Christmas break. 12 Jubilee Nomads and invited guested were pegged around the Penn pool.

Match organiser Andy Mitchell ran out the winner catching 14 Carp mainly on the Bomb and Bread to place 49lb 0oz on the scales. It was close for 2nd place with several anglers in contention but Phil Seedhouse claimed 2nd place, again mainly catching on the Bomb and Bread to weigh in 11 Carp for 32lb 0oz.Section winners were Mark Birbeck 30lb 0oz, Robin Ballard 29lb 0oz, Tony Hemming 26lb 0oz and Pete Dutton 24lb 0oz