Guru Dacron connectors

They are various ways of attaching your pole rigs to your top kits. I’ve used three styles of connector during all the years I’ve been pole fishing and these days all my top kits are fitted with Guru Dacron connectors 

Years ago when I first started fishing a pole we all used the Stonfo connector. These were easy to fit and use but some of the bigger sizes used with heavy elastics caused a problem with the elastic not fully retracting back into the pole. This led to problems with the rig line catching around the top of the pole and hindering the strike. There were plenty of times when I would also have several inches to elastic hanging out of the end of the pole. I played around with different types of connector and still always had the same problem. 

Nisa came up with a connector that I played around with for a while. There was no need for chopping or adding bits of line when changing depth as you could just wrap or unwrap the required line from the integral winder, reposition float and carry on fishing. This was ideal on windy days as you could adjust the amount of line between pole tip and float and it allowed you to have less rigs.However although a good idea I had the same problem with the elastic not retracting back into the pole. Plus I found that these winders damaged the line on my rigs and I had several occasions when the line snapped just below the connector. So it was time for a re-think. Dacron connectors had began to be used by some of the top anglers and several tackle company’s had began to produce them.

Nisa connector
Nisa connector

At the time I felt they looked a little fiddly to use and I discounted them, sticking with the Nisa Connectors. As I got more into match fishing all the other anglers seemed to be using dacrons and I began to do I little research on youtube etc. I still had the problem with the elastic hanging out. So I brought some Drennan pre tied connecters/elastics and began using them. I felt more connected to the fish and no elastic hanging out from the pole tip and no problems with the rig wrapping around the end of the pole tip. I very quickly saw the advantage using dacrons even though I now needed more pole rigs in my seat box! After studying a few more youtube video’s on how to fit these dacrons I began buying the Preston Innovations ones and I began fitting my own. I still had a little difficultly fitting them but then Guru brought out their dacron connectors in 3 different sizes. These seemed perfect for me. They come pre loaded on a piece of plastic and all you needed to do was pull one off and thread through the elastic. This was easier than using the Preston ones and I was hooked. The Guru ones also have a wire instead of the loose cloth Preston ones and I felt these were better at keeping the pole rig line away from the pole tip which was a added bonus. So these day all my top kits have Guru dacrons on them now and they look much neater with the plastic bead over them when fitted. I would add though the wire can cut through the elastic quicker when the elastics are getting older and double sleeving the elastic before adding the dacron is needed.

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