Drennan Red Range, 12ft Carp Waggler Road

Last winter I felt I had a rod missing from my match fishing armoury. I have 11ft pellet waggler rods but I really lacked a decent value for money 12ft carp waggler rod that I could fish a traditional waggler out at range during the winter months at full depth. I also wanted a rod that could also handle large match sized carp on the commercial venues I fish in the summer months. 

As much of my match fishing involves pole work I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a rod that I wouldn’t be used much. Visiting my local tackle shop I picked up a Drennan 12ft Carp Waggler rod and thought that at £60 odd quid this rod was what I was looking for. 

During these last few months I have (pre Covid lockdown) and more recently in the early summer months I have absolutely loved using this rod and I’ve visited my local Commercial, Manor Farm Leisure just outside my home town of Evesham on several occasions for a bit of pleasure fishing during these summer months and have bagged up every time. I am now wondering why I haven’t used this method more in my matches. 

The rod recommends mainlines up to 6lb so I loaded my Daiwa TDR 2508 with 0.17mm (6lb) Guru N Gauge and this has enabled me to fish at range with a traditional waggler on the bottom very easily, due to the lower diameter of the line helping with casting and I’ve caught lots of Carp up to double figures with this set up using a heavy hook length. The beauty of this rod is that its a two piece rod and I’m able to pack it away in my rod bag all set up and ready to go. Having the extra length really helps with fishing on the bottom and the rod has a nice progressive action. The line pick on the strike being a 12ft rod has been helpful and I’ve not pulled out of a fairly hooked carp yet. It’s only been a few minutes to tire out these hard fighting big lumps I’ve hooked. 

If your looking for a good value for money carp waggler that won’t break the bank this is one to look at. 

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