Rob Butcher wins the Woodland View Saturday Open, as the Nomads frame on both days this weekend

This weekend saw brown envelopes for Rob, Robin and Doug at Woodland View.

Saturday saw the Open on High pool where Rob and Robin framed in the top three. Rob winning the match from peg 22 with 93lb 6oz and Robin coming 3rd from peg 4 down the other end of the pool with 70lb 8oz.

Sunday saw the other Nomads join them for the open match on Front/Back Deans and Hay pools. This time Doug was the star Nomad taking the Nomad Superpool winning his section from peg 32 on Front Deans with another tonne+ weight of 111lb 0oz. Stu had 72lb from Hay, caught 60lb from Front Deans while Rob, Andy and Robin struggled on Back Deans but still caught 40-50lb each. So still a good day.

Saturday 15/5 high pool
Rob butcher. Jubilee Nomads. H22. 93-4
Rob Camden colmic select. H34. 78-8
Robin Ballard. Jubilee Nomads. H4. 70-8
Ash ski. Peg one. H16. 66-12

Sunday open 16/5 35
S Tibbits. Peg one. Hay 8. 142-4
Kev Slade. Peg one. D8. 137-8
Jim Pendrey. Peg one. Hay11. 128-12
G Clark. Colmic select. H20. 119-6
Doug smith. Jubilee Nomads. D32. 111-
H summer woodlands. D4. 106-4
B Whitley matrix. D30. 104-
D eke. Woodlands. Hay 17. 101-8
S Harris matrix. D1. 100-2
G pickton. Garbolino. D63. 100-2

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