Tackle Reviews

There’s a lot of good quality fishing tackle produced these days. Poles costing up to £5,000 plus top end rods and reels costing hundreds of pounds but being an average working guy fishing just once a week many of these are out of my budget. I look for value from the tackle I use. I’ll often include the items of tackle I’ve used in my blogs if I feel it has helped me put more fish in the keepnet. But generally these are the small items like hooks and lines.

If I’ve written a review, I like it and I’m happy to share my viewpoint on it!


Daiwa Hydrolastic and Preston Hollo elastics I’ve used various elastic brands over the years and without doubt daiwa’s hydrolastic even though it’s pretty expensive is the one I turn to for my summer shallow fishing.  Used in conjunction with my short stop kits … Continue reading “Elastics”

Garbolino poles

I’ve always been a Garbolino pole fan having had several of them over the years. Garbolino were really the first tackle company to produce a carp power pole and as most of my fishing centres around carp puddles it made perfect sense at … Continue reading “Garbolino poles”


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