One word sums up 2020, Coronavirus!

Despite 2 lockdowns during the year and currently in our 3rd one now, we were still able to spend time on the bank fishing matches. Early in the year before the first lockdown we fished matches at Hawford Bridge, The Jam Factory, Hillview, Moorlands Farm and Manor Farm Leisure. We were all pretty successful with Phil, Andy and Mark winning matches with the other Nomads picking up several sections wins from these venues before the March Lockdown. 

Finally after several weeks pleasure fishing was allowed and matches began again with social distancing soon after that. But this was to late to save our annual 3 day Spring festival down in Somerset. But we were just happy to be able to fishing again.   

After this enforced break we began to visit Solhampton regularly, fishing their open matches. Rob dominated here winning several matches topped with a 233lb haul from the Valley pool. Solhampton fished extremely well after the lockdown with 100lb+ weights recorded by all Nomads. 

As the summer progressed we enjoyed two trips to the prolific Pete’s pool at Tirley Court. We arrange these matches ourselves as its not a commercial but a big weight venue we all enjoy. We invited a few guests to help us with the cost of booking the pool and we had two great matches there. Star performer was Rob again. His draw arm pulled at the same peg he had the previous year when he set the Nomad match record of 440lb. He won the match again with 308lb. Andy fished very well here on the second match, winning it and also setting a new PB of 288lb.

Robin Ballard, 2020 Worcesterset Champion
Robin Ballard, 2020 Worcesterset Champion

As the summer began to end we looked forward to our 3 day autumn festival down in Somerset as we couldn’t travel down to Somerset in the Spring. However we all had reversions about going. We still had the Covid restrictions to deal with and our accommodation wasn’t looking good as the bar was closed and we felt it was best to cancel the trip. A big part of this festival is the banter between us in the evenings and with no bar this just wasn’t going to be as good as previous years. We still wanted to fish and the time was still booked off work for us so Mark was given the task of arranging ‘Worcesterset’ a short notice 3 day local festival for us. He did well arranging matches at the Jam Factory on the Friday, Cob Hose on the Saturday and finishing with Hawford Bridge on the Sunday. Andy won the first day on the Ash pool at the Jammer with 125lb to set the pace but Robin fished brilliantly winning at Cob house on the Laurel pool the next day with 183lb. Robin just needed a section win on the last day at Hawford Bridge. The Bridge pool fished a lot harder for all that day but Robins 39lb not only took the important section win, he won this match as well. Crowning him 2020 Worcesterset Champion.  

Then for the remainder of the year we carried on fishing local Opens. Rob continued to dominate at Solhampton backed up with section wins from all Nomads. Andy won an open at Hillview and Phil and Andy picked up with 2nd’s at Woodland View. As we went into December Lockdown came again. We had intended to fish the Solhampton winter league. This was rearranged once we were back fishing matches and two rounds took place. Mark did really well here winning his pool on the first round and then picking up a section win on the 2nd round. This saw him topping the standings in the league at the turn of the year. As we go to January now on the 3rd lockdown who knows if the league will be finished off. We ended the year fishing a couple of fur and feather matches at Hillview and Woodland View. Phil picked up a section and ate well over Christmas! 

So that was our Nomad year. Another great year dispite all the social distancing and Covid regulations disrupting our fishing for a large part of the year. Lets hope 2021 will be a better year for all. 

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