Manor Farm Leisure

I have an excellent choice of so many good commercial venues in the area and I am so lucky to have Manor Farm Leisure right on my doorstep in Evesham. It’s a proven bomb and pellet venue famed for it’s massive F1’s as well as many other species which is fine but it’s not a method I tend to enjoy much. I do take the odd match in though especially if it’s windy and it will be a rod match. Having said that the pole fishing is very good but with its five main match pools being quite large the wind can get up. Making pole fishing difficult and I guess this is why the bomb dominates there.

Island pool – Manor Farm Leisure
Windmill pool – Manor Farm Leisure

As well as the great fishing, Manor does have the extra attraction of you being able to park your car behind most of its pegs and with the amount of tackle us anglers carry these days that is a welcome blessing.

Manor Farm Leisure have a café for a great breakfast before fishing and there is also a fully stocked tackle shop, Manor Angling for your bait requirements. One of the many good things about Manor is that there are not many rules and you can fish pretty much what ever method or style you choose, plus you don’t have to buy fishery feed pellets. Although the tackle shop always has plenty.

All the pegs on the complex are made from concrete and they are also on two levels which is handy at the different times of the year. The pools can be pretty low in the height of summer and getting in to water may be a better option. In the winter months the concrete pegs may be under water and wellie’s will be needed. There are regular Open matches on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays plus an affordable Open on a Thursday. Plus leagues and festivals to fish. The fishing is only part of Manor Farm Leisure portfolio. Over the 200 acre site there are also two golf courses to enjoy and it also has a beautiful stretch of the river Avon to pleasure fish.

All this makes Manor Farm an ideal venue for fishing holidays and short breaks by hiring one of their many holiday caravans. It’s a great place to fish! and here’s a couple of features filmed at Manor by Jamie Hughes and Des Ship

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