Lower Park Fisheries

Lower park fishery is another venue local to me that I have fished only a few times. Its a 9 pool complex dedicated to match fishing, having regular matches throughout the week. This venue is fast maturing into a fantastic match complex where the match weights are growing. The pools are all small and the pegging can to quite tight if the far bank is also in but they generally they spread everyone out so its not a problem. Plenty of fish are there to be caught but they do tend to be on the small side as the complex matures but there are also a few bonus lumps to be caught.

Swan pool – Lower Park Fishery
Abbey pool – Lower Park Fishery

Breakfasts at Lower Park Fishery are available from the on site cafe and small items of tackle and bait can also be purchased before you travel a little further up the private road to the pools. Car parking is good but you are encouraged to park on the hard standing areas around the pools. If you draw a peg in the middle of a pool it can be a short walk to your peg. If the ground is hard during the summer months you can drive to your peg and drop off your tackle before parking your car.

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