Jubilee Nomads win the 2021 Teams of 4 Whitehall 1212 match at the Jam Factory

Saturday saw The Jubilee Nomads enter a team of four at the Jam Factory for the Whitehall 1212 organised match. A total of 15 strong teams entered this years match where each team has an angler on each pool fishing for overall team points to decide the winner. With 15 point for a pool win on offer and then 14 to 2nd and 13 for 3rd and so on.

Stu, Mark, Doug and Rob were our anglers having fished the venue recently with good results. So although there were 15 strong local teams fishing, hopes were high of doing well. They all fished well catching plenty of fish and finishing high on each of their pools and recording double figure section points. Rob and Doug weighed in 74lb each Stu had 56lb and Mark 39lb. This gave the Jubilee Nomad team a total of 46 points and 1st place in the match. 5 points ahead of Portobello A in 2nd place with 41 points and Sensas Evesham Green in 3rd.

Well done Stu, Rob, Doug and Mark an excellent result.

Mark Birbeck wins at the Jam Factory

This week we Nomads fished our own small match on the Old pool at the Lower Broadheath fisheries AKA The Jam Factory. 

Phil, Andy, Robin, Rob and Doug and invited angler Jason Powell fished the Old pool. Having the whole pool enabled us all to have plenty of room to fish due the current Coronavirus outbreak rather than fishing a larger attended Open match. We kept our small gathering distant from each other at the draw. but unfortunately the fishing was terrible with everyone struggling to catch fish and those with maggots caught. But it was good to be out in the fresh air away from other people. Mark won the match employing waggler tactics to catch some Roach and boosted this weight with 4 or 5 Carp to weigh in 21lb. Rob was 2nd with 4 carp weighing in at 19lb 4oz and 3rd was Jason, making his debut on the Old pool catching Roach and a few Carp for 16lb 7oz.It was the tough day for all but that’s whys its called fishing and not catching!!

Andy Mitchell wins on the Willow pool at the Jam Factory

This week we Nomads and a couple of guests fished our own match on the Willow pool at the Jam Factory.

After Storm Ciara the previous week we were all itching to get out for the weekly fishing fix and Andy was able to book the Willow pool at the Jam factory, as at this time of the year you can just pay for the pegs used rather then paying for the full pool. So we had a small Knock up match this week. Only one problem, Storm Dennis had arrived the day before and the forecast wasn’t great for today. However Willow is fairly sheltered from the wind so we fished the match after driving through the floods in Worcester to get there. On arrival the pool was heavily coloured brown due to all the rain run in and it was probably up 2 foot. This effected the fishing and it didn’t produce as we know it can. Andy won the match from peg nine catching carp in the margins on corn early on before it slowed down for 50lb 0oz, 2nd was one of our guests for the day on his first trip to the Jammer, Jason Powell on peg seven, weighing in 48lb 0oz and 3rd was Robin on peg five who caught a few bigger carp to weigh in 44lb 8oz. 

Phil Seedhouse wins Woodland View Open

Being the Christmas break we Jubilee Nomads were able to fish three matches during the week at The Jam Factory, Hawford Bridge and Woodland View. Phil being the star Nomad of the week winning the Open at Woodland View. 

Phil, Rob, Stu and Robin fished the Open at Woodland View spread over Hay, Barley and Front & Back Deans. Phil and Robin drew well on Barley and Hay, each having an end peg. While Rob and Stu drew on Front Deans.

Phil took full advantage of his end peg and won the match outright with 87lb 0oz catching steady all day and also took the Nomad super pool. Robin caught 40lb off Hay pool while Rob and Stu drawn on Front Deans struggled as expected on their pool. 

Phil, Andy, Rob, Mark and Robin fished with the Bears on the Broomhill and Bridge pools at Hawford Bridge. Bridge being the better of the pools where Mark won the match with an excellent 150lb 5oz and also the Nomad super pool. Andy also fished well producing another tonne plus weight of 137lb 7oz for 2nd place. While Robin did well and catching 73lb 2oz. Over on the Broomhill pool Phil (30lb) and Rob (18lb) struggled only catching in the last hour. 

Phil, Stu, Rob, Mark and Robin plus guests fished our own match on the Old pool at the Jam Factory organised by Mark. The match was dominated by one end of the pool with Andy and Mark catching well. Andy won this match with 80lb 2oz Dave Bowditch was 2nd with 77lb 2oz with Mark coming 3rd with 53lb 0oz. Stu won his section and Pete Dutton won the other section. Phil, Rob, Stu and Robin struggled on the wrong end of the pool only catching 2 Carp between them

4th placed at The Jam Factory with 115lb off the Willow pool

This was a Brookfields AC match at Lower Broadheath fisheries aka as the Jam Factory spread over Sycamore and Willow pools.   

The Jam Factory is a big weight venue and can be a really good bagging venue during the summer months. On this match we all had plenty of room over the two pools. So I anticipated doing well. I drew on Willow pool peg 8 which can be OK and I hoped to clock up another tonne plus weight. 

This pool is around 10 foot deep at 13 metres but it has a inner shelf around 5 foot deep and the plan was to fish up on the shelf where the water would be warmer at top 2+3 and then move into the margins later on in the match. I kicked off fishing an 8mm hard pellets on the pole, cad potting in 6mm’s after an initial large cup feed. I began to get bites straight away but these were finicky and I wasn’t hooking then right. Maybe I shouldn’t have cupped in at the start.  I lost my 7 carp in the first hour. It just didn’t feel right. I change was needed so I opened up a new line cupping in corn and I fished double corn over the feed. No bites came, it was clear the fish were there but they were not wanting the corn or I had given them to much.  

Over the years fishing meat has always gone well in the margins here at the Jam Factory late on, so with the match already into it’s 2nd hour it was meat I turned to. It was to early for the margins so I began cad potting 8mm cubes of meat a little shorter to where I’d been fishing at top 2+2. I’d learnt not to put to much in now!

I rate Morrison Luncheon meat better than the popular Plumrose brand used by many anglers, it sinks straight away, just where you want it to go. 

After feeding two cad pots of meat here for 10 minutes I went over it with the same hook bait and I began to catch straight away and more importantly I was hooking them properly. I began to catch carp around the 2-3lb bracket. These fish weren’t really big fish but at least I was catching well now.  I played around feeding light and also heavy with the feed meat but to honest this didn’t affect the catch rate. I was feeding the meat after every fish.  

With 3 hours now gone I was doing OK but I hadn’t caught any big fish. I was loose feeding the left hand margin now with meat hoping to bring some bigger edge dwellers in for the last hour, while still fishing out on top 2+2. 

After another 30 minutes I tried the margin for ten minutes. Nothing had arrived. So I needed to go back out where I’d been catching.  I’d catch a few more here and then try the margin again. I did this for the next 40 odd minutes but with nothing coming into the margin I decided to stay out on the top 2+2 line where I’d caught all my fish, hoping to catch some bigger carp as the match drew to a close. I continued to catch here but they were really just the same stamp of fish. The big lumps never arrived. 

Come the weigh in the and watching the Sycamore pool weigh in first there were several tonne plus weights with the top weight being 129lb and 124lb was lying in second. I had clicked up to 114lb so I was hoping I was a little out. As the scales came down to the Willow pool the top weight on the pool was 123lb. I’d caught a lot of fish probably more than anyone else so I was hoping for a framing place at least. But my fish were a smaller stamp and the scales went around to 115lb. (Good clicking as I had clicked to 114lb) 

This gave me 2nd on the Willow pool and 4th in the match so some coins came my way.   

Meat rig – 0.4g Nick Gilbert XT Decker pole float set up on 0.17mm Guru N-Gauge mainline with a bulk of no.8 stotz’s above a 6 inch size 14 Guru LWG Ready rig with Purple Hydro (14-18) elastic.   

Guru ready rigs have made tying your own hook lengths redundant. I can’t tie hooks better and when you are at work all week, prep time it very limited. 

3 Nomad Tonnes at the Jam Factory

This week just Rob, Phil and Robin fished a Brookfields AC match at the Jam Factory spread over Sycamore and Willow pools, all breaking the tonne barrier! 

Phil and Rob drew on the Willow pool, while Robin found himself pegged on the Sycamore pool. It was that man again Rob that took the Nomad superpool with yet another tonne plus weight, this time from Willow 5 weighing in 123lb even though as usual, only claiming to have a modest 80lb in his nets at the all out. Rob won the pool and finished 3rd in the match. Phil and Robin weren’t to far off the pace, with Phil finishing 2nd on the Willow pool with 115lb from peg 8, while Robin brought home the 3rd Nomad tonne with 112lb from the Willow pool. The match was won by Steve from Brookfields with 129lb on the waggler with 2nd having 124lb 0oz. 

Section win at the Jam Factory, Sycamore pool, 112lb

This pool contains and good head of large Carp. So the plan was to fish the pole short on heavy gear with large baits and to finish the match in the margins.   

I planned to start fishing on an 8mm banded hard pellet, feeding 6mm on the inner shelf (2+3) just before the pool deepened. Being Summer the fish would be in the warmer shallow areas and I had about 4 foot of water here. I cupped in a full pot of 6mm pellets here and also a full cup of corn on my closer 2+2 line for later in the match. 

The first hour on the hard pellet resulted in just four Carp bites, two of which were foul hookers and lost. So I came closer in, on my corn 2+2 line next and fed full pots of bait to my margins, left with 8mm meat and right with corn. 

The 2+2 line wasn’t any good and I played around with corn soft 8mm pellets for a while for the next 30 minutes but nothing was really working. So into the margins I went for an early look. I’d not seen any swirls in the margins yet but it’s always worth a look for 10 minutes because if the carp have moved in early a big weight could be on the cards. But the carp hadn’t moved in yet. I needed to catch some carp in the meantime. A change was needed.   

I switched to a new 2+2 line to my left  and decided to fish 8mm meat next but only to kinder cup in 6mm meat. The other two lines which hadn’t produced much were where I’d potted in full cups of bait. That hadn’t worked and I adopted the different feeding approach.

I use Morrison luncheon meat rather than the popular Plumrose meat most anglers use, I find it sinks like a stone unlike the plumrose meat especially when using 4mm cubes.  

The change worked straight away and I began catching some 4-6lb carp. I was beginning to build a weight. I was now catching the odd carp every 15 minutes with the meat but I really still needed the margins to come good. The left margin had now had two full pots of  8mm meat into it and I’d been topping it up with a few loose offerings every 10 minutes for 2 hours now. I’d seen the odd Carp swirl in this margin but I stayed out of the margin on the 2+2 line because I was catching. I wanted the carp to gain confidence before I fished it. 

So with an hour to go I went into the margin. Some big carp were there now and I had a good hour catching about 30-40lb. I fed a few cubes of meat every couple of minutes including the time while I was playing hooked fish.

The final 20 minutes was fantastic I was really bagging. I put this down to feeding heavy early in the match to draw the fish in and then lightly, little and often to keep them there. Plus not fishing the margin to early was important. Its much better to leave the margin until the last hour when the fish are confidently feeding.

Come the weigh in I placed 112lb on the scales which was enough to frame. with 130lb winning the match.   

2+2 rig – 0.4g Nick Gilbert NG XT Finesse Power pole float set up on 0.17mm Guru N-Gauge main line with a small bulk of no.8 stotzs with 2 no.10 dropper shot above a 6 inch size 14 0.15mm Guru LWG Ready rig. Set up on a size 14-18 Nick Gilbert Amber core elastic.  

Margin Rig – 0.2g Nick Gilbert NG XT Edger pole float set up on 0.19mm Guru N-Gauge mainline with a small bulk of no.9 shot above and 6 inch size 14 0.17mm Guru XS Ready Rig. Set up on Red Hydro.

Section win, The Jam Factory, Willow pool, 67lb

This match was all most a carbon copy of a match four weeks ago. I drew the same peg, Willow 22. 

So with the knowledge gained from that match the plan was to fish Bomb and Bread to the pipe on the left bank and then by the aerator on the pole. I plumbed up a long and short lines straight out in front of me but these didn’t product the last time so I hoped to catch on the bread line and to the aerator.

I started fishing the bomb and bread to the pipe but after an hour without a fish it was time for the rethink. I felt there would be a few carp by the aerator so I fed in some micro’s and left it for an hour while I tried the long and short pole lines. As before during the last match no bites came from the open water swims so the aerator swim needed to come good. 

After another hour I went over to the aerator with the pole baited with a 6mm expander pellet. I began to catch straightway and this is where a stayed for the rest of the match. Bites slowed down after a hour and I decided to change to corn and this seemed to be better and the bites improved. 

2nd placed on the Willow pool at Lower Broadheath

Rather than fishing a commercial open this weekend this was a small knock up match but still very enjoyable fishing with just a few fellow Jubilee Nomads, with a lot of banter going on!  

This was a Nomad match arranged between us Jubilee Nomads. Being January when the fishing isn’t good we decided to book our own match on the Willow pool at The Jam Factory at Lower Broadheath fisheries. 

This gave us just eight anglers fishing on the whole pool so we would all have plenty of room and hopefully catch a few fish. 

I drew a good end corner peg. The intel before the match suggested this was a good flyer and you should fish to the pipe over to the far left hand bank. So still being in the depths of winter I decided to start the match throwing the Bomb and Bread to the pipe. I caught 3 good sized Carp during the first hour doing this and I was leading going into the 2nd hour.  

The next hour saw the rod motionless and I chucked the peg around looking for a carp but I didn’t find any and the other anglers now were beginning to catch on their pole lines. 

I’d fed two pole lines at 14.5 metres, one with mirco’s and the other with corn and a tried these lines with various hook baits for another 30 minutes which resulted in no more bites at all. 

A change was needed. I needed to catch some fish. So at this point I potted in a few 4mm pellets and a few grains of corn tight up against the left hand bank at 14.5 metres just away from the corner of the pool. I felt the fish didn’t really want a lot of bait being dumped in as my two pole lines hadn’t produced anything. So I was feeding just for one fish at a time on this shallow edge line.

I left it for 20 minutes while I tied the Bread and Bomb again which produced nothing. 

At this point I began feeding my short 2+2 line with a few pellets, little and often as a backup swim but I really needed the edge line to produce. I tried it next and I got a bite straight away which gave me the confidence to sit on this line a little longer and after 10 minutes I landed a carp. 

The next hour produced four more good sized carp. feeding very lightly with just a few grains of corn with a single grain on the hook after each fish. After an hour they’d gone probably because the water wasn’t really coloured enough to hold them there but I now had 8 good sized carp in my keep nets and a possible framing weight was on the cards. 

The last hour was hard I just threw around the peg with the Bread again looking for the odd carp to add to my weight and 10 minutes from the end of the match I hooked one but it was sadly foul hooked and the hook pulled out. 

These 8 carp weighed in at 43lb which was enough for 2nd place in the match and an all important section pick up. The match was won with 59lb so even if I’d landed that last foul hooked carp it wouldn’t have been enough to win the match. 

I really enjoyed this match. It was nice to fish a knock up style match with my Jubilee Nomads fishing mates rather than the usual opens that we fish. The match was interesting and fished with plenty of banter during the match which is something that open matches don’t really have.   

Bread and Bomb set up – 10ft Preston mini plus rod with a 2508 Daiwa TDR reel loaded with 6lb Daiwa XT mainline with a small 10g Preston ICS inline match cube with a 15 inch 0.17mm hook length tied with a size 18 KKM-B hook, hair rigged with a rapid stop. 

Baited with three 10mm bread disc’s.   

Edge Rig – Nick Gilbert 0.3g NG XT Edger Slim HD pole float on 0.19mm Guru N-Gauge mainline with a small bulk of no.8 shot above a 6 inch 0.13mm Size 16 LWG Guru Ready Rig. set up on purple hydro. Yes purple hydro in January!

(There are big Carp in this pool. there’s no point fishing light even in January)

Andy Mitchell wins at the Jam Factory

This week the Jubilee Nomads fished their own match at The Jam Factory at Lower Broadheath fisheries, fishing on the Willow pool.
This week rather than fish an open at one of the commercials that we regularly fish we fished our own match which was fished with plenty of banter all day long which made a nice change. As this was our only Nomad match no pound coin winner takes all kitty was on offer this week. We were just fishing for 1st place and a section on each bank.
Andy Mitchell won the match, catching steady all day to weigh in 59lb 0oz. Phil Seedhouse was 2nd and won his bank/section with 43lb 0oz and Doug Smith was 3rd taking his bank/ section with 39lb 8oz.