Andy Mitchell continues to pick up at Woodland View

Andy’s the star Jubilee Nomad at the moment and has really got Woodland View sorted recently, picking up most weeks lately.

Sunday’s Open match at Woodland View saw Andy joined by Phil, Robin and Stu this week while Rob, Mark and Doug were fishing the 5 day Spring Festival at Solhampton. The Open at Woodland View saw an excellent turn out of 39 anglers fishing. So the match was held over Back Deans, High and Ghost pool. Andy and Phil on Back Deans, Robin on Ghost and Stu on High pool.

They all caught well as did most anglers fishing but Andy flew the Nomad flag again catching well in the margins after a slow start for all. This time Andy won his section on Back Deans with another tonne plus weight, 126lb for 4th in the match and only losing the pool win by 4oz. Phil was also a little unlucky just missing the other section win on Back Deans needing one more fish but weighted in 75lb 8ox for 2nd on the bank.

Robin drew on Ghost were he produced another big weight of 98lb despite losing several big fish which would have given him a framing place and Stu still had a 50lb+ weight on High pool. So overall a good days fishing for the Jubilee Nomads.

Woodland View Sunday open, High Ghost and Back deans – 39 anglers fished.

1st S Roberts. Telford. H24. 155-122

2nd B Brett Whitley matrix. H28. 141-12

3rd H summers woodlands. D35. 126-4

4th A Mitchell. Jubilee Nomads. D40. 126-

5th M Sidwell woodlands. G6. 121-12

6th J Powell. Peg one. H17. 121-

7th R Willson. Peg one. G7. 113-12

8th T Whitcher. Peg one. G9. 112-12

9th S Tibbits. Woodlands. H15. 112-6

Over at Solhampton, Doug Rob and Mark fished the festival all week in some pretty unseasonal weather conditions which made the fishing tough. With all the Nomads catching plenty of fish during the 5 days but all finished out of the money this time.

Solhampton Fishery May Festival Results1st Simon Dicken 535.00 lb 2. Carl Jones 526.06lb 3. Chris Hill 484.00lb 4. Sam Parker 469.07lb

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