Phil Seedhouse 2nd overall at Woodland View Sunday Open

The recent good Jubilee Nomad form at Woodland View continues. After Andy’s 2nd place finish last Sunday, it was Phil’s turn to frame this Sunday.

This Sundays open was held over Front and Back Deans with just Phil, Andy and Doug in attendance for the Nomads. Stu and Rob had decided to travel to Hillview for their open while Robin and Mark were off doing other things.

With the recent good weather the fish had just finished spawning at Woodland View and the fish weren’t in the mood for feeding and the weights were generally poor from the venue.

Phil, Andy and Doug all drew on Front Deans this week and the fishing was tough for all. Phil took the Nomad super pool by coming 2nd overall in the match with 67lb, just 2lb short of the winner who had 69lb. Doug had 50lb and Andy 48lb.

Over at Hillview Rob had a good days fishing the 4th canal to post another tonne plus weight of 121lb but no cigar this week.

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