Preston Innovations ICS Feeder System

I love great ideas that save me time on the bank and Preston Innovation ICS Feeder system certainly does that!

The ICS (inter change system) has been around for several years now. Its a fantastic way of changing your terminal tackle on a ready made up rods in seconds and saves having to set up several rods for a match or pleasure session. Sometimes times during a match you may be be catching well and want to make a change with your terminal tackle. The ICS System does exactly that. You can change a Method/Pellet/Cage/Maggot feeder for a bomb or simply change the weight/size of the one your currently using. These allows for fine tuning of your set up. You may alter the feed going into a swim are add weight if the wind gets up.  

For this system to be of use its best for you to invest in some of the different feeders and bombs but once you have made the investment the benefits of such a versatile system really come into play. 

In line ICS System
In line ICS System

The set up is a simple central stem which can be cut back to your favoured size. I tend to keep it long enough to use even the biggest feeders though I think it doesn’t effect the fishing. Simply thread your mainline through the end cap first and then the stem and tie it to a click change bead using a 6 turn clinch knot (instructions Here) and then you can select your choosen hook length. (See picture left) then you can add or change your choosen feeder or bomb by threading it over the mainline and the sliding it down over the stem. 

I had found that some of the feeders can be hard to slide straight on though which can be a bit of a pain and a hard push is needed sometimes. The durable plastic stem with the choosen feeder helps casting and accuracy, but also guarantees that the weight transfer is to the base which means your feeder lands the right way up every cast. An ICS Swivel Stem Kit will convert any ICS product from an in-line feeder to a conventional style feeder set up, with the added benefit of still being quick change. Particularly useful with the In-Line Cage feeders, in-line Match Cubes and In-Line Maggot Feeders.

ICS Swivel Stem Kit
ICS Swivel Stem Kit

Most commercial fishery’s insist on a free running inline feeder set ups for the benefit of the fish. The feeder will never to attached directly to a fish.

The ICS system is free running but there is also an option of using an elasticated stems which help to absorb hook pulls. I should note if you use these you need to keep an eye in the elastic before it perishes though. 

Winter Months 

During the winter months we want to put in minimal feed in and the ICM system is a scaled down version of the ICS system where all the different feeder and bombs can also be purchased but in much small sizes so giving less water disturbance on the cast. 

On the whole the Preston ICS system has been something well worth investing in however it can cost you a few quid to stock up on all the options available.

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