Garbolino Ultra Compact Power Margin Kit

These Garbolino margin kits have been available for a while now and I’ve always preferred to use a standard long top two kit for my margin work, thinking you need plenty of heavy elastic to stretch out when playing big margin munters from the commercial venues I regularly fish. Well I recently brought one of these short power kits that fit onto most Garbolino poles and what a revolution its been. Gone are days of using a long kit for my margin work battling to reach the fish with my landing net, with these compact power kits the fish just pop up up in front of you and ready to net. I also think you hit the bites quicker to, due to the stiffness of the kit compared to a normal long kit. A brilliant bit of kit and yes it makes a big difference landing large fish.

Made from top quality HM/IM Carbons with a fast taper for added strength, rigidity and smooth flowing elastic. These fantastic top kits have now been made even stronger and perfect for use with heavier elastics down the margins for big carp in shallow water. Using shorter lengths of heavier elastic speeds up the netting process so much. Coupled wit the short 1.82m one piece design of these superb kits, a vast improvement of speed and efficiency of netting fish is achieved which can be paramount over a five hour match. Heron grey in colour gives you more confidence of catching big weights of carp in shallow water without the fear of spooking. Supplied Pre-Bushed.

1.8m length
Heron grey finish
HR/IM Carbon construction
Fast taper
Rigid, lightweight & strong

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