Nick Gilbert pole floats

Nick Gilbert has a large comprehensive range of award winning hand assembled pole floats that cover nearly all UK fishing applications. A Pole Fishing Magazine winner 3 years running. The build quality of these is about as good as it gets and the only range of pole floats I’ve used over the last several years.

When I came across Nick’s website shop float store. I didn’t really know which float was best for a given method or bait. I learnt lots about pole float selection from his website, reading about each float in the range. I didn’t know the differences, carbon, glass and wire stems. float shape and bristle thickness. I learnt which one’s were best for the type of fishing I wanted by reading the descriptions.

 So I brought a few patterns that I wanted and this improved my fishing no end. Ordering direct with Nick from his website was easy and the floats arrived several days later. I was now buying the right floats rather that going into a tackle shop and guessing which float was best. Sometimes in tackle shops the range of available floats is low and they will just sell you what they have. But buying them through Nick meant I had a much larger range to choose the right float from. 

So I began to buying my pole floats from Nick on a regular basis. Often buying the same floats several times so I could make up spare rigs. The range is large and I settled for several patterns, These floats were the XT Power Finesse’s and XT Deckers for Carp fishing. XT Edgers for the margins, XT carbon Finesses for maggots and XT Power Jordans for F1’s. 

I’ve found all these floats to be excellent, very strong when fishing for carp in the summer and sensitive for shy biting fish in the winter time and they have definitely improved my fishing.   

Spending a little time learning about all the different patterns has greatly improved my pole float knowledge and this can only be learnt from these specialist pole float suppliers. 

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