MAP Pole Protection Case

Pole cases seem to be all the rage at the moment and when I brought my new pole in August 2021, MAP had just brought out their version of these popular pole protection cases. 6 months in how’s it faired?

Well 6 months in and yes I’m impressed. Being one of slimmer designs on the market which is a plus for me when loading the car where space is always an issue being a match angler, taking all but the kitchen sink to matches, but the MAP Pole Protection Case still has plenty of room in it for your expensive pole, numerous top kits and a landing net pole.

The case is manufactured in a tough ABS moulded shell, that’s not only robust, but also enables poles and kits to be stored inside without the need of plastic tubes. The inner features soft lined material that offers protection for you pole and kits, and each side features Velcro straps to keep everything secure. I do find these velcro straps a little annoying though, They do their job well securing all my top kits inside the case but I find they always re-stick themselves together when I’m trying to take out or sort through my top kits while on the bank. I carry around 15 top kits and there’s still room for more but when sorting though these top kits the velcro strips always re-attach which is a pain. These velcro strips also look a little cheap and I would prefer an adjustable clip lock strap to secure my top kits in the case, but on the whole I’m still pleased I brought this MAP Pole Protection Case.

Its a little early on use but so far the zips have performed as they should and I’ve had no rain water getting into the case and the moulded carry handle is so easy to clip together. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap but to be fair it’s still light enough to carry with all my kits inside and I don’t use it, but because I don’t use the shoulder strap its difficult to know which end of the case has the internal base pockets when storing the case upright in the garage. I’ve just added a small sticker on the outside of the case so when I’m carrying the case I know the pockets are at the bottom otherwise my small dolly butt sections do tend to slide up and down the inside of the case. The case is also very easy to clean mud off with a damp sponge or cloth and no water seems to get inside the case.

On the whole this is a brilliant pole protection case for the money it sells for and being on the slimmer side it suits me when loading up the car and compared to other cases which can be a little bulky this MAP Pole Protection Case it still has plenty of room for a 16 metre pole, a landing net pole and all your top kits. Its a great buy.

4 thoughts on “MAP Pole Protection Case

  1. I’ve got the map one phil I was going to get the cresta but the tackle shop never had in stock apparently there exactly the same apart from the colour and all come out from the same factory


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