Guru SLWG Banded Ready Rigs

I’ve been using these Guru SLWG Banded Ready Rigs for a couple of years now and I have total confidence in these expertly tied (better than I could do) Ready Rigs.

Being in full time employment I simply don’t have the time to tie my own hook lengths for pole fishing and when these Ready Rigs came out it was like ‘manna from heaven’ for me. I’d heard all the stories about shop brought hook lengths being rubbish on social media. Comments like “the line snapped on every hook in the packet” “The bands are in the wrong place” etc etc. But I since I’ve used them I’ve had no problems at all and they are my go to hook when pole fishing banded pellets. I can only put anglers bad experience’s with them down to a lack of knowledge on how there should be used. When Guru brought out these Ready Rigs they would have been fully field tested by them and to be honest I can’t tie them better.

Available in five hook sizes with well choosen line diameters ranging from 0.11mm to 0.17mm these 6inch hook lengths cover all my pole fishing options. I just cut them down to 4 inches when needed for shy biting F1’s on the bottom or shallow and I keep to the standard 6 inches for large Carp. I’ve caught some pretty big Carp with them and never had a hook straighten out considering their medium wire gauge. They stay sharp all day long but yes the bands do perish and snap. But this is generally due to the amount of work they’ve been through and it’s no problem looping on a new one when needed. The band will take a 4mm and up to a 8mm for carp.

These Ready Rigs have stood the test of time with me and all I need to do is to have plenty of packet with me. They fit straight into Guru’s rig boxes and also fit perfectly in the Preston Innovations ones that I prefer.

The days of me tying endless hook lengths up for the weekend are long gone. An excellent product. Well done Guru.

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