Garbolino Short Stop Kits

Garbolino Short Stop Kits

21 July 2020|Tackle Reviews

In recent years especially for F1 fishing shallow, Short Kits have become a welcome addition to the match anglers armoury. 

I’m a big fan of Garbolino poles so when they brought out their own short stop kits, off to the tackle shop I went as all Garbolino top kits are interchangeable with their older poles. 

These short 1.85m top kits are a dream to use when fishing shallow. Ideally you need several different ones so different rig depths can be set up but once attached these rigs can stay stored on the kits which makes setting up for a match quicker.  

These types of shallow kits are painted white and the jury is really out as to whether being coloured white/grey helps not spooking shallow feeding fish. All I know is that if you hold up a white and black top kit above you the white doesn’t stand out so much as a black one so maybe there is something in that but I’ll do anything for a couple more fish in a match. The real advantage to me though is the length of the kits. You need fish with light elastics when fishing shallow so a hooked fish is able the swim away from the feeding shoal of fish, so not to spook them. Being a short kit allows the elastic to power up quicker than a normal length top kit and you are able to land the fish quicker. The short length also means the hooked fish will surface nearer to you for netting making that easier and more importantly quicker, as you need to get back out for the next one. Another benefit with these short kits is that they also stiffen up the pole when fishing at length and help to improve your hooking ratio.  

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