Why I’ve chosen the Garbolino UK3 Match Power plus over the UK4 Maxim

Having used Garbolino poles for the last 25 years and trust them immensely. Plus knowing all my Top Kits would still fit the new pole, when is came to replacing my GMax C1 Power for my commercial fishing the choice was the easy. A new Garbolino UK pole. But which one?

I couldn’t afford the mortgage for a UK1 !! So baring in mind my fishing revolves around fishing commercials and the UK2 is more suited to river and canals so wasn’t an option. So the choice was either the UK4 Maxim, the out and out big carp muscle pole or the UK3 match power plus. Both were options on the table before I travelled up to the Garbo UK main dealer, Baileys of Warwick to check them out.

I’d checked both options were in stock before travelling over to Warwick and I tried out both poles. I was airing on the 14.5 metre UK4 before I arrived as I don’t really fish 16 metres on the venues I go to and buying the standard 16 metre UK3 package was going to be the more expensive option.

But as soon as I felt weight and balance deference between the two poles my mind was made up straight away. The UK4 pretty much felt like my old GMax C1 Power. A heavy pole built for big carp bagging and to be honest it felt the same. Whereas the UK3 felt a lot lighter but still capable of landing large carp as its built for commercial fishing rather than rivers and canals. The sections are still reinforced, lightweight, strong, and durable and much easier to fish at longer lengths when needed. The difference between the two poles was very noticeable but I didn’t really want 16 metres.

So rather than the standard package, Baileys were happy to supply what I actually wanted. I opted to go with a 14.5 metre version with the extra dolly butt section, 6 carp match puller kits, (I swapped the match kit that comes in the pole for a carp kit). A potting kit and two extra short mini extensions for fishing short for only just a little more than the UK4 RRP price bracket. This suited my budget and I was getting a much lighter pole than I’d been used to. Having the UK4 just felt like my current pole in my opinion.

My new UK3 also fits perfectly in my MAP Pole protection case

Using it for the first time.

I’m lucky to have Manor Farm Leisure on my doorstep and the following evening I headed down to Manor for an evenings fishing after work on the island pool. I wasn’t really interested in catching fish. I just used the opportunity to feel how my new UK3 handled fishing it at different lengths. I started fishing at its full length 14.5 metres with the dolly butt and then worked my way back towards the bank fishing short to see how using the short extensions in the 3/4 and 5/6 sections faired with balance and striking into fish and then ending up fishing in the margins.

Fishing at 14.5 metres was much lighter than I was used to with my old GMax pole. I felt I could fish at length all day. Something which was a struggle before and with the dolly butt the whole pole felt well balanced and responsive on the strike. It was also a pleasure to play fish on the 2.65 metre long top kits. I caught carp up to around 8lb and the UK3 coped with the task easily.

Overall the whole experience was a pleasure compared to using my old pole. I feel if I’d had gone for the UK4 I wouldn’t have found much difference. Paying a little more for the UK3 in my view was money well spent and its great for all my commercial work.

4 thoughts on “Why I’ve chosen the Garbolino UK3 Match Power plus over the UK4 Maxim

  1. Hi Phil Interesting reading about the UK3, I ve also been a big Garbolino fan having many over the years, presently looking to change off my M3 which has been a great pole. I only every fish commercials now, for carp and silvers and this has been a great pole, and with all the old tops have had quite a few spares. If was looking to keep with Garbolino what would you recommend, I have been looking at the Map 701, but it’s the first time moving away from Garbolino. My big concern is their support as recently took around 4 months to get a replacement 5 section. Hence looking at other brands.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Thanks Kevin Bright


    1. Hi Kevin, Glad you enjoyed the read. I’d stick with Garbo. Better the devil you know! The grass on the other side may not be greener! In 25 years using Garbo poles fishing at least once a week I’ve only broken two top kits on fish and never any other sections whilst playing a fish. Only breaking a couple sections through my own clumsiest. I’m not that careful shipping back and have often dropped my pole on hard surfaces with no problems with Garbo. They are strong poles. Yes spares are an issue for most poles. I don’t know whether you are on any social media but facebook has several Garbo groups where 2nd hand sections can be obtained. Garbo have two mandrels 900 and 999 and plenty of sections can be sourced this way if you know which mandrel your pole is. The M3 is on the 900 mandrel as is the M1, C1, M5 . I tend to follow these sites regularly and always look out for spares which which can be kept in ‘stock’ just in case.


      1. Hi Phil
        Appreciate the reply, have always found Garbo’s very reliable I only seem to break sections through my own big feet rather than fish.
        Will look at the UK3 as this is a more reasonable price than the Map801.
        Thanks Kev

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