Rob Butcher weighs in 233lb 8oz, 1st place Solhampton Sunday Open

Following last Sundays Nomad trip to Solhampton we all decided on a return visit to the venue for this weeks Sunday open, held over Buzzard and Valley pools this week.

But nothing changes! Rob followed up on last weeks win off the Kingfisher pool by winning again, this time off the Valley pool with an excellent 233lb 8oz. In fact the Valley pool was the one to draw on this week with Rob, Doug, Robin, Mark and Stu all catching huge weights of fish. Stu recorded 181lb but unfortunately went over the 55lb keepnet limit on two of his nets in a overall catch which would have challenged Robs top weight. Mark posted 208lb, Robin 171lb and Doug 140lb in a brilliant match on the Valley.

Over on Buzzard the fish followed the wind into the top end of the pool where some good weights were also caught but Andy and Phil struggled, but still caught some fish. Andy on the bottom end of the pool weighed in 113lb and Phil struggled to record 82lb from a wind affected peg. We Jubilee Nomads caught over a 1000lb of fish between us yesterday which is exactly why we formed and concentrate on Commercial venue in the area.

Valley Pool1st. Rob Butcher 233-08 2nd. Rich Green 213-12 3rd. Mark Birbeck 208-04Buzzard pool1st. Chris Hill 217-08 2nd. Geoff Hodge 203-00 3rd. Steve Shakespeare 136-08

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