Andy Mitchell, 2nd placed, Solhampton Open with 213lb 2oz

This week we Nomads fished different venue’s. Phil, Andy, Doug and Stu returned to Solhampton for the Sunday Open, while Rob, Mark and Robin fancied a change and fished a new venue travelling down to Monmouth to fish an invitational match at Redhill fishery on the Tilly’s pool.

Over at Solhampton the open was spread over Duck and Badger pools. Andy and Doug drew on Badger and Phil and Stu on Duck. The Badger proved to be the pool to draw this week where Andy drawn on peg 4 ended up 2nd with an excellent 213lb 2oz weight to collect the Nomad Super pool along with the main match pools. This week it was decided to have a weigh in half way through the match on both pools as anglers had struggled to catch during the later half of the match the previous week on the Badger pool and this seemed to help with some good weights recorded. Andy had a great start weighing in 96lb halfway through and then continuing to catch well for the reminder of the match. Doug finished with 169lb. Over on Duck the weighs were lower, Stu was 3rd with 109lb while Phil had 77lb. At Redhill Robin flew the Nomad flag on a pool he’d never fished before catching 157lb which was second overall. Well done Andy and Robin

Solhampton ResultDuck pool1st. Geoff Hodge 148-02 2nd. Geoff Darlow 134-11 3rd. Pete Hodge 120-04Badger pool1st. Steve Shakespeare 230-10 2nd. Andy Mitchell 213-02 3rd. Nick Rowley 209-04

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