Rob Butcher wins the Solhampton Sunday Open with a tonne

This Sunday 4 Jubilee Nomads braved the wet weather with Rob, Doug and Robin heading the Solhampton while Andy booked in to the Open at Woodland View.

Over at Solhampton all 3 Nomads found Buzzard home for the day. All caught fish with Rob winning the pool from peg 13 catching exactly 100lb. Doug finished in 3rd with 67lb 8oz while Robin wasn’t far behind finished up 4th with 65lb 8oz. Giving the Jubilee Nomads a top 3 finish.

Over at Woodland View Andy on Front Deans Andy also did well finishing in 4th place and picking up a section win from FD7 with 49lb 10oz.

Solhampton Sunday Open, Buzzard Pool Result1st Rob Butcher 100lb 0oz2nd K Stephens 70lb 8oz3rd Doug Smith 67lb 8ozWoodland View Sunday Open Result 1.Chris Senter F/Deans 68lb 4oz. 2.Stu Tibbetts F/Deans 56lb 4oz 3.Pete Bailey F/Deans 52lb 4oz 4.Andy Mitchell F/Deans 49lb 10oz

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