Rob Butcher continues to dominate at Solhampton with another win

This Sunday 6 of us Jubilee Nomads fished the open at Solhampton. A good turnout this week saw anglers spread over Valley, Kingfisher and Jackdaw pools this week. The draw put two of us Nomads on each pool, Rob and Robin on Jackdaw, Phil and Mark on Kingfisher while Andy and Doug drew on the Valley pool, Rob completed a personal hat-trick over the last 3 Sundays racking up another win, this time off the Jackdaw pool with 83lb to claim the Nomad Super pool. while Robin drew poorly and struggled for 31lb.The Kingfisher saw a close finish with only 14oz separating the top 3 anglers. Phil ended up 3rd on the pool, picking up a framing place with 69lb 0oz with 69lb 14oz winning the pool and 69lb 10oz coming second. Mark wasn’t far behind finishing up with 60lb+ Over on the Valley Andy was 4th just out of the money with 70lb 14oz while Doug weighed in 51lb

ResultsValley pool 1st Al Buchanan 82-12 1st Jeff Hodge 82-12 3rd Dave Hill 79-08Jackdaw pool 1st Rob Butcher 83-00 2nd Dave Baker 72-08 3rd Simon Dicken 68-00Kingfisher pool 1st Karl Stephens 69-14 2nd Derek Silk 69-10 3rd Phil Seedhouse 69-00

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