Doug Smith, 2nd on Dragonfly, Solhampton Sunday Open

This week 4 of us Jubilee Nomads, Phil, Andy, Mark and Doug returned to Solhampton to fish their Sunday open match. This week 18 anglers were spread over Buzzard and Dragonfly pools.

We were split up this week with Doug and Phil drawing on the Dragonfly and Andy and Mark on Buzzard. The fishing is now becoming a little harder due to the seasonal changes with the weather and the cold nights. But Solhamton still provides good sport for all and we all caught fish throughout the day. Doug flew the Jubilee Nomad flag this week, drawn in the bowl on Dragonfly. He caught well on his trusted soft pellet method weighing in 96lb 4oz which was enough to claim 2nd place on Dragonfly and also the Nomad Superpool.

Phil was also on Dragonfly and caught 52lb 8oz finishing 5th on the pool. Over on the Buzzard Mark and Andy were pegged next to each other. Mark fished maggots while Andy went with his favoured corn and micro method. They both caught well and Mark finished 4th on the pool with 72lb 8oz just beating Andy who finished 5th on the pool weighing in 71lb 14oz

ResultsBuzzard pool 1st J Edwards 112-00 2nd Geoff Darlow 100-00 3rd L Kennerley 93-08Dragonfly pool 1st Steve Shakespeare 147-00 2nd Doug Smith 96-04 3rd Dave Johnson 94-08

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