Rob Butcher wins the Solhampton Sunday Open

This week and the first time for ages saw all us Jubilee Nomads fishing a match together. We decided on a visit to Solhampton for the Sunday Open, this week held on the Kingfisher and Jackdaw pools.

Phil, Doug, Andy, Robin and Stu all drew on the new Jackdaw pool while Rob and Mark found Kingfisher pool home for the day.

On the Kingfisher, Rob continued his good form winning his pool and also the open with another tonne+ weight of 121lb while Mark chipped in with 72lb.

Over on the Jackdaw pool Phil was the top Nomad, coming 3rd on the pool with 96lb with 105lb winning the pool. All caught early before it slowed down. Doug had 68lb, Andy 58lb, Robin 48lb and Stu 42lb

Open Match resultJackdaw pool1st. Steve Shakespeare 105-08 2nd. Rob Pemberton 103-02 3rd. Phil Seedhouse 96-10Kingfisher pool1st. Mark Butcher 121-06 2nd. Geoff Darlow 120-02 3rd. Mark Betteridge 107-08

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