Doug Smith frames twice at Solhampton Opens this weekend

This weekend saw some of the Nomads fished both Opens at Solhampton. Saturday saw Doug, Robin and Rob in action on the Badger and Dragonfly pools. All caught well with Robin and Doug posting tonne plus weights off the Badger pool. Doug’s 124lb was enough to finish 2nd while Robin wasn’t far away. Over on the Dragonfly Rob framed as usual finishing 3rd with 54lb

Saturday ResultDragonfly pool 1st Mark Hingley 95-08 2nd Stu Campbell 66-04 3rd Rob Butcher 54-00Badger pool 1st Dave Johnson 129-14 2nd Doug Smith 124-12 3rd Carl Jones 120-02Sunday saw Phil join Doug, Robin and Rob. Doug drew well again having the Badger pool home for the day again, finishing 3rd this time with 93lb giving him a double pick up weekend plus the Nomad super pool. Rob caught 55lb while Phil finished 5th on the Jackdaw pool with 45lb

Sunday ResultBadger pool 1st Chris Hill 123-12 2nd. Karl Stephens 107-08 3rd. Doug Smith 93-08Valley pool 1st. Rich Green 81-10 2nd. Ken Turner 73-10 3rd. Mike Groves 68-13Jackdaw pool 1st. Jamie Hughes 95-14 2nd. Simon Dicken 95-06 3rd. Stu Campbell 71-00

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