Rob Butcher and Stu Thomson frame at Solhampton Sunday Open

We Nomads went back to Solhampton this Sunday for the Open, this week held on Buzzard and Badger pools. Phil, Mark, Robin, Rob and Doug drew on the Buzzard pool while Andy and Stu found Badger home for the day.

The pool to be on was the Buzzard with every one catching well recording good weights. It was that form man Rob that took the Nomad Super pool (again) coming 2nd on Buzzard with an excellent double tonne weight of 206lb. Over on Badger Stu’s 98lb was also enough to frame in 2nd place. Well done boys.

We had some good weights with Mark catching 178lb, Robin 156lb Doug 124lb. Phil claimed 120lb after a technical issue and Andy had 75lb.

At Solhmapton you have to use their keep and landing nets. These keep nets are getting old now and have to cope with heavy bags of fish in them every week. Phil actually weighed in 70lb, however one full keep net with around 50lb had a rip in it and come the weigh in all these fish had escaped.

Badger pool1st. Simon Dicken 103-04 2nd Stuart Thomson 98-04 3rd. Karl Stephens 88-00Buzzard pool1st. Stu Campbell 242-00 2nd. Rob Butcher 206-08 3rd. Mark Birbeck 178-06

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