Stu Thomson wins his pool at Solhampton Sunday Open

Six of us Jubilee Nomads returned to Solhampton for their Sunday open, this week spread over Buzzard, Duck and Kingfisher pools.

Stu, Andy and Robin drew on the Duck and it was Stu on peg 9 than won the pool which also had a few anglers pegged on the Kingfisher pool in the section. Stu caught 106lb 8oz to also take the Nomad Super pool.

Andy and Robin still had a good day catching fish, Andy had 82lb which just missed out framing while Robin had 75lb Over on Buzzard, Phil, Rob and Doug all caught fish and posted close weights between them. Phil was top Nomad on this pool weighing in 78lb, Rob had 65lb and Doug had 71lb.

ResultBuzzard pool 1st. Steve Shakespeare 135-08 2nd. Nick Rowley 130-00 3rd. A Edwards 125-14Duck/Kingfisher pool 1st. Stu Thomson 106-08 2nd. Colin Davey 89-02 3rd. Gary Dixon 86-06

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