Rob Butcher wins at Tirley Court with 308lb

This week 16 Jubilee Nomads and guests held our own match on Pete’s pool at Tirley Court.

When Rob drew the same peg as last year where he took the venue apart with 440lb we all knew he was going to be the man to beat. But history repeated it’s self with Rob winning the match with another big weight from the venue, this time with 308lb. Guest Jason Powell drawn on the grass bank 2 pegs from the end pushed Rob all the way, coming 2nd with an excellent bag of fish weighing in at 281lb.We had 3 sections outside the main two places. Andy drawn on the stones won the section setting a new personal best of 273lb while Robin 237lb and Stu 192lb posted good weights in the section. Over on the grass bank section, Doug’s 204lb took the section while Phil and Mark still recorded 100lb+ weights, Phil 152lb and Mark 113lb.The deeps section had all guests fishing where Lol took the section with 125lb.In all there were 12 tonne plus weights on this prolific big weight venue and all anglers had a great days fishing, and the best news is were back their next week!

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