Stu Thomson and Andy Mitchell, frame at Woodland View Sunday Open

This week we Jubilee Nomads fished at different venues, Mark, Doug and Rob fished the Open at Solhampton held on the Jackdaw pool, while Stu, Andy, Robin and Phil fancied a change and booked on to the Open at Woodland View.

An excellent turnout at Woodland View saw 40 anglers spread over Front/Back Deans, High and Hay pools. Stu pegged on Back Deans 37 won his section with 48lb while Andy pegged on High 23 weighed in 83lb which gave him 2nd in section and also a pick up as they were paying 1st and 2nd in each section this week. Andy finished overall 5th on the day out of 40 anglers fishing. Andy also took the Nomad pound coins on offer with the top Nomad weight at Woodland as Phil and Robin caught a few but struggled on their pegs.

Woodland View Result 1st Stu Campbell Woodlands D60. 114lb 4oz 2nd Kevin Slade. Peg one. Hay19. 105lb 0oz 3rd Paul Ellis. Malvern. H29. 96lb 4oz 4th Martin Pritchard Bilston. D58. 8lb 0oz Over at Solhampton Doug, Rob and Mark all caught fish, with Doug just missing the pay out finishing 4th with 67lb 0oz ahead of Robs 54lb and Marks 47lb but still going home with Robs and Marks pound coins!

Solhampton Result1st Carl Jones 155lb 4oz 2nd Steve Shakespeare 135lb 2oz 3rd Geoff Darlow 67lb 6oz

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