Coaching sessions

I’ve fished all my life, Rivers, Canals and Stillwater’s and now mainly on commercial venues in the Worcestershire area and regularly fish open matches all though the year. If you are a new/returning angler to the sport of course fishing and unsure how to tackle up and fish on a commercial venue or you wish to further improve your knowledge, then come and spend a day with me on a one to one basis learning in real time on the bank where you can ask plenty of questions, rather than trying learn from the many youtube video’s available these days.

Aimed at new or experienced anglers, fishing commercial venues

Many of the Country’s leading match anglers offer coaching days and while these will all be very good and ideal for seasoned anglers wanting to brush up there match skills, it can be difficult to book suitable dates due to their popularity and availability. I can offer an alternative on a commercial venue at relatively short notice to new or returning anglers as well as more accomplished anglers who may think they aren’t getting the best from their peg. I can share my knowledge gained from a lifetime of angling to you at a reasonable cost.

I’ll make sure you get the basic’s right on a Commercial venue that will get you catching plenty of fish. A good angler doesn’t always make a good fishing coach but coming from a previous teaching career I’m able spot mistakes or bad habits that you may have picked up and I’ll be able help you land more fish. I’m confident you’ll leave the day much wiser and able to fish correctly on your choosen method, be it pole, feeder or float fishing.

The day will be tailored to your individual needs. The hardest problem for any coach is knowing what you already know and what you don’t. So for you to get the most from the day I would need to ask you plenty of questions and watch you fish for a while. I just don’t want to tell or show you what you already know. I’ll sit back and watch you fish for a while. This will give me an idea on your ability and then we’ll fine tune your set up and watch the bites come. You can use your own tackle or sit on my box and use mine the choice is yours. I’ll sort out the bait requirements and day tickets at the fishery. Of course you will still need a valid fishing licence which needs to be purchased before the day. These can be brought online HERE

We call this sport fishing, not catching and there will be days when the fish don’t want to feed. I actually prefer these types of days. You won’t learn much if the fish are easy to catch and you will learn more on a hard day. But to give us a chance of a good days fishing these coaching sessions would ideally be from March to September when the fish are actively hungry. However if you want to fish in the winter months that’s fine but we’ll really have think about what will be the best method and baits given the weather conditions!

Based in Evesham (Worcestershire) I would ideally want to travel locally to a venue I regularly fish but I can travel little further over the Midlands if needed. I would just ask you to cover my additional fuel costs. My standard day rate is only £100.00 which is very competitive compared to others and maybe more realistic to your budget and needs. Your bait and fishery day ticket is included within this cost.

Professional coaching

I looked into becoming a licensed Level 1 & 2 angling coach with the Angling Trust but with these courses starting at £230.00 for level 1 and £345.00 for level 2. I declined to do this and you may ask why? These courses are designed on how to teach/coach, with any level of angling ability required by the people taking the course! Sometimes not a lot it seems, after reading some forums on the subject. How do you coach something you may not know!

Having already achieved a teaching qualification when I trained as a Dept of Transport professional driving instructor (DOT ADI) in a previous career where a lot of this training was based around instructional techniques that can also be applied to coaching angling. I felt doing these Angling Trust courses didn’t offer anything new to me apart from being able to use the term “licensed by the Angling Trust” to give my angling coaching some credibility. Doing these courses basically means you can describe yourself as “an angling coach licensed by the Angling Trust” if you pay the course fees regardless of your actual angling knowledge. There is no legal minimum qualification required to describe yourself as an angling coach, anyone can call themselves an angling coach but my previous teaching qualification ensures I know how to pass on my angling knowledge to you in a professional manner.

I offer this coaching service as a private one to one arrangement and with a life time of angling knowledge behind me built up over the years, I know my subject and more importantly I also know how to share my knowledge and improve your own angling. if your a regular reader of my match fishing blogs you will already see I know my subject. These coaching sessions are available on commercial venues only, If river and canal coaching is required I would prefer you to contact another coach specializing in these areas.

One to one fishing coaching

This is my day rate for a day’s one to one fishing coaching at a commercial venue in the Midlands. (Generally 9.00am until 4.00pm Monday to Friday) This includes a Fishery day ticket and bait. Book your session now and then arrange the day(s) of your choice by contacting me on the form below. Or if you’d like a chat before booking, give me a ring on 07778 786470


I cover the following angling styles as used on Commercial fisheries

Waggler fishing

Feeder/Bomb fishing

Pole fishing

  • When to use
  • Types of rods
  • Type of reel
  • Main line diameter
  • Insert or straight waggler
  • Traditional wagglers
  • Pellet wagglers
  • Plumbing up
  • Shotting
  • Casting
  • When to sink line
  • Back winding/clutch
  • Hook lengths
  • Baits

  • When to use
  • Types of rods
  • Type of reel
  • Mainline diameters
  • Method feeder
  • Hybrid feeder
  • Pellet feeder
  • Bomb fishing
  • Casting
  • Sinking line
  • Striking
  • Clipping up
  • Hook Lengths
  • Hair rigging
  • Baits
  • When to use
  • Types of pole
  • Types of pole float
  • Shotting patterns
  • Back shots
  • Using balanced gear
  • Elastics
  • Bottom fishing
  • Shallow fishing
  • Long and short lines
  • Margin fishing
  • Feeding
  • Short stop kits
  • Hook Length’s
  • Baits

Lets get the float dipping more often by contacting me below