Jubilee Nomads review of the year 2019

Our first full year fishing as Jubilee Nomads has been a fantastic experience for all of us and one to remember.

We’ve all caught plenty of fish from the local venues we now fish. We’ve met a lot of new anglers fishing these matches, got to know them and we’ve all learnt lots about these venues. We are lucky to have some excellent local commercial venues and we’ve enjoyed travelling to these different venues throughout the year. At the turn of the year we had the top 3 places at Woodland Views Fur and Feather match with Robin winning the match with Rob 2nd and Phil 3rd. Andy and Phil finished off fishing the Woodland View ICS Winter pairs league and managed a top 10 finish, getting into the pay-out places.

This year between us we have recorded 64 tonne+ weights from the matches we have fished which really shows what a great year it’s been since we started just fishing these decent venues. Between us we racked up 8 Commercial Opens wins and plenty of framing/sections wins.

Star Jubilee Nomad of the year was without doubt Rob who really has had a great year. Highlight of the year was his 440lb match winning haul from Tirley Court (venue record) in August. That day will live in the memory for a long time and it’s difficult to see that match weight being bettered for a long time, if ever! That match also saw personal bests for Robin, Mark, Stu and Andy and really was the match of the year. Out of theses 62 Nomad tonnes Rob had 17 of them as his summer paste fishing dominated most weeks in the summer and he kept picking up the Nomad Super pool. He capped the end of the summer off by winning Marks autumn Somerset Leveller Trophy down in Somerset where we fish a mini 3 day festival over 3 different venues. Rob tied on points with Phil but his 2 wins out of the 3 matches gave him a much bigger weight.

Mark also organised a Spring festival also down in Somerset and this was won by Doug. We were now all beginning to pick up regularly at commercial opens. We began fishing mainly at Hillview and Woodland View. Phil won a couple of Opens at Hillview early in the year and then Andy and Robin also won two Opens each there too. Rob won one and more section wins followed for all of us. We also fished a few of our own matches at The Jam Factory and Hawford Bridge plus we found a great new venue at the Vale Golf club where we all enjoyed a few knock up matches during the summer evenings. But it’s really the commercial opens we prefer. During the course of the year all our fishing has improved through us sharing the knowledge we have gained and we’ve had plenty of banter on the bank and through our private Whatsapp group. It’s been a great year. The best thing we ever did.Thanks fellow Nomads for a great year. 

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