Phil Seedhouse and Andy Mitchell pick up Section wins at Hillview

This weekend was the start of the festive period with the Jubilee Nomads fishing Fur and Feather matches at Woodland View on the Saturday and Hillview on Sunday 

Sunday saw Phil, Robin, Andy, Stu and Mark at Hillview. With 49 anglers fishing, both the Moorhen and Heron pools plus the 4 canals were in. Phil and Robin drew well finding themselves pegged side by side on canal 3. Phil weighted in 70lb to Robins 65lb with Phil winning the Section.  Andy Mark and Rob drew on the Heron pool while Stu was on the canal 1.  Andys 35lb was enough to also pick up his section. 

After the match the venue provided Beefburgers for all that fished and everyone had a chance in the raffle which had some great tackle prizes, even a new Seat box on offer for the first peg drawn. Andys peg came out the bag later and he went home with some new fishing tackle plus his Fur the Feather prizes. Phil won the Nomad Super pool and every angler fishing went home with a Christmas box. 

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