Andy Mitchell wins Hillviews Saturday Open with a tonne

This week Andy and Phil opted to fish the Open at Hillview on Saturday due to being at Woodland View for the Winter Pairs league on the Sunday while Robin, Rob and Stu fished the Sunday Open at Hillview. 

On Saturday both the Moorhen and Heron pools were in plus the 3rd Canal. Both Andy and Phil drew on the 3rd canal. Phil drawing peg 81 for the 4th time in recent months and Andy on peg 77. The canal proved to be the place to draw and after a slow start both Nomads began catching well in what proved to be a close section.  Andy weighed in 100lb and Phil 94lb 0oz. Andy’s tonne was enough to win the match by a pound with Phil ending up in 4th overall. Sunday saw Robin, Rob and Stu at Hillview while Phil and Andy where at Woodland View. 3 canals, 1, 3 and 4 where in. Stu and Robin on the 1st canal and Rob on the 4th canal. Rob took the Nomad pound coins weighing in 80lb while Robin had 49lb and Stu 28lb Over at Woodland View Andy drew well, Deans 47 to end up with 36lb and 3rd on his pool. Phil struggled on High 25 for 14lb 8oz which was 9th on the pool giving them 12 points this week. 

Woodland View Winter Pairs R2 – 20 pairs fishing over Front & Back Deans, High and Arles pools1st S Wright. Woodlands. A31. 89-2 2nd O Boswell. Mosella select. A14. 77-12 3rd A Crocker. Wales d26. 62-12 4th B Hobbs. Woodlands. H17. 58- Teams on day S write D parry 3 S tibbits. T Jones. 4 A Crocker. J Harvey 4Teams after 2 rounds A Crocker 2 J Harvey 7 S tibbits. T Jones. 8 H Scott. D welding. 16 T whitcher. R Willson. 16

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